Grey’s Anatomy is known for its music.  The soundtrack was nominated, after all, for a Grammy this year.  Though it didn’t win on that particular night, the music of Grey’s has won over fans since the show’s inception.  There are blogs dedicated to it, fan sites with pages of comments about music and a part of ABC’s website whose existence is entirely based on the soundtrack and songs.

Part of what makes the music so great is the team that chooses each song.  After speaking with Music Supervisor Alex Patsavas recently, I could tell that the people involved in that part of Grey’s production have a true connection with the tone of the show. If you check out the official soundtrack page and read the blog that is used by band members, artists and the production team, you’ll see what I am talking about. In her interview, Patsavas mentioned that music could help enhance a scene, but that it can’t work without a great plot.  I might disagree.  When there are moments that I am tuning out in the dialogue category, if Izzie goes on a rant or something, I am paying attention only to the music.

I think that what makes Grey’s different from other hospital shows like ER, especially as it has lately been more graphic and “medical,” is the music.  While someone is dying or having a seizure, I’m more numb to it because there is always a peaceful tune going on in the background.  Now is that good or bad?  I’m not sure.  On the one hand it takes the edge off and at times I forget I am watching a hospital show.  On the other hand, my emotional reactions are more in response to the musical overtones and less in response to the actions taking place on the screen.  Or maybe it is that they work so well together that I don’t know what exactly I am reacting to.

Part of the appeal of Grey’s music is that it is often obscure.  These songs might not be heard were it not for the show and the production team.  Grey’s has not only launched careers of indie musicians, it has also helped bigger names like Postal Service and Gomez solidify a new fan base. 

This is not to say that I like all the songs on Grey’s Anatomy.  A lot of the songs work with the show but don’t function, for me at least, independently.  Some of the more mellow background tunes just aren’t what I want to be driving around to. Also, bands like Postal Service and Snow Patrol are bigger than life and starting to get played out on the radio as a result of Grey’s fame. 

But I have found many new artists that I would have never come across without the show.  Some of my favorite artists over the seasons have been: KT Tunstall, The Weepies, The Eams Era and Maria Taylor. 

The bottom-line: my Ipod has truly benefited from each episode, as has my taste in music.

-Cameron Curtis, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Cameron Curtis

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