The tenth season is underway, but if you want to get ahead of the rest and get your hands on CSI spoilers, then this is where you should go.  We will post here CSI spoilers for the upcoming season as we get when, when we get them.  Make sure to check back periodically to see the latest details on upcoming episodes.

General Spoilers
Jorja Fox returns as Sara Sidle for an indefinite number of episodes; Rascal Flatts will appear in an upcoming episode.

Jorja Fox’s ‘CSI’ Return Extended Indefinitely
‘CSI’ Books Rascal Flatts For Guest Role. Ehh?

Episode 10.14 “Unstoppable”
The team investigates the death of a CIA agent and the electrocution of Rascal Flatt’s guitarist.

‘CSI’ Books Rascal Flatts For Guest Role. Ehh?
CSI: Episode 10.14 “Unshockable” Photos

Episode 10.15 “Neverland”
The team invesitgates the mysterious death of a 14-year-old. (via SpoilerTV)

Episode 10.16 “The Panty Sniffer”
An unusual convention leads to the murder of a casino events planner, and Catherine and Vartann tracks drug dealers selling to underaged guests. (via SpoilerTV)

Episode 10.17 “”

Episode 10.18 “Field Mice”

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