The tenth season of CSI kicks off on the foot of a very tumultuous year for the Las Vegas crime lab.  A lot’s already happened after the death of one member, the departure of another, and the arrival of two more, lots of things have happened happen on season 10.  Jorja Fox has returned as Sara Sidle, and Langston has appeared in the other CSI shows as part of a crossover.  CSI‘s season 10 also sees a serial killer with a neat streak wreak havoc and put the team to the test again.

CSI: Season 10 Episode Guide

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Episode 10.01 “Family Affair”

A rising young star is killed in a wreck, and the victim’s stalker claims credit, but, as the team finds out, there’s more to the case than what seems to be.

Episode 10.02 “Ghost Town”

A porn producer and a drug dealer are found dead in an upscale neighborhood.

Episode 10.03 “Working Stiffs”

The team investigate the case of office politics gone wrong.

Episode 10.04 “Coup de Grace”

The team investigates the case of a cop shooting another cop, and determines whether it is an accident or a racially-motivated crime. Enrique Murciano guest stars.

Episode 10.05 “Bloodsport”

A beloved football coach was found murdered in his home, and suspicion falls on the players he looks after.

Episode 10.06 “Death and the Maiden”

Two seemingly unrelated crimes turn out to be connected by one twisted plot of revenge.

Episode 10.07 “The Lost Girls”

In the conclusion of a three-part crossover, Langston returns to Las Vegas to continue the search for a missing girl and uncovers a prostitution ring.

Episode 10.08 “Lover’s Lanes”

A decapitated head shows up in the middle of a bowling tournament, triggering a murder investigation.

Episode 10.09 “Appendicitement”

A riotous series of events during Henry’s birthday culminates with the discovery of a double murder, while Langston continues his quest for Dr. Jekyll.

Episode 10.10 “Better Off Dead”

A shootout at a gun store turns out to be connected with a young woman’s suicide.

Episode 10.11 “Sin City Blue”

The team goes after an unusual killer after two beautiful women are murdered at a Las Vegas hotel.

Episode 10.12 “Long Ball”

A legendary golf player turns up dead in the middle of a high-profile golf tournament. Gary McCord, Rocco Mediate, Duffy Waldorf, Natalie Gulbis, David Feherty, and Jonathan Antin guest star.

Episode 10.13 “Internal Combustion”

The death of a high school student, and the disappearance of another, leads the team to the world of drag racing.

Episode 10.14 “Unshockable”

The guitarist of Rascal Flatts is electrocuted by his own guitar, and the team thinks it could be foul play.

Episode 10.15 “Neverland”

The team investigates a young man’s death, possibly connected to an old and recently-reopened case.

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