It was nice seeing Sid take center stage in last week’s CSI: NY. Formerly the dude with all the quips and the slightly awkward moments with the rest of the team, this time he’s the one with a personal stake on the crime–and sure, he isn’t exactly related to the victims, but doctors try their best to figure out what went wrong with someone, and as the case unraveled, so did his journey to finding out the truth.

CSI: NY: Previewing Episode 6.14

That, and it’s refreshing to see Sid pull off the dramatic moments–remember last season’s bit with a former colleague harvesting organs to create drugs? Then again, to get there, Mac had to think he’s a fan of the Lingerie Football League, something I still don’t understand.

Tonight’s CSI: NY sees another actor take star position: Carmine Giovinazzo wrote this episode, one possibly inspired by the Twilight saga. The team investigates the death of a woman, found dead in snowy Central Park with part of her ear missing and her blood drained out. This leads to the usual exploration into a subculture–this time, it’s vampirism. Let’s just hope there won’t be any suggestion to what the kids are into. I mean, it’s more than the perfect boyfriend, right?

Daytime soap stars Michael Graziadei and Finola Hughes guest star as the victim’s boyfriend and mother, respectively, on tonight’s new CSI: NY, from 10pm on CBS. Nobody bite, please.

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Henrik Batallones

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