Remember news that Laurence Fishburne is doing a three-part crossover, with him guest starring on both CSI: Miami and CSI: NY on the same week, apart from his duties on CSI?  We’re slowly getting some details as to what exactly will transpire on those three episodes next month.  And sure, it’s too early for this, but we might as well form this little puzzle.  What’s going to happen?

The folks at CBS have released three photos for the second part of the crossover series–CSI: NY‘s part of the deal, so to speak.  Three photos of Langston working with Mac, and with the rest of the NYPD crime lab.  And it says quite a lot–well, the descriptions, at least.

As the story goes, there’ll be a big rig accident in Miami, and it will lead to the discovery of an interstate trucking ring that involves in human trafficking and organ harvesting for sale in the black market.  Heavy stuff, yes.  And there’s a hostage which they have to save.  So I presume it’s like the CSI: MiamiCSI: NY crossover, with the suspect (or, in this case, the victim) moving from the Sunshine State to the Big Apple.  And surely it means it’ll end in Las Vegas.

There’s still one big question: what exactly was Langston doing in Miami?  The quickest guess would be him visiting for a convention of sort–besides, he was a professor before being a CSI.  But the captions CBS provided for these photos suggest that Mac is also in Miami, and they both leave for New York for the second part of the crossover.  I wonder.

Anyway, here are the photos.  Any ideas as to what’s happening?  Please help me fill in the puzzle.  Oh, and by the way, this batch of episodes will kick off with CSI: Miami on November 9, followed by CSI: NY on November 11, and concluding with CSI on November 12.  Just in time for sweeps, which is exactly the point, right?


Ooooh, shades.


You do have to admit, Langston and Mac have this air of gravitas together.


Langston and the team. Notice that Danny is no longer stuck to a wheelchair!

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Images courtesy of CBS)

Henrik Batallones

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