Sitting across from Emily Deschanel, it’s difficult to remember you’re not about to be analyzed by the cold logic of Dr. Temperance Brennan. With the same piercing blue eyes that have captivated Seeley Booth and seen through the lies of countless criminals Deschanel, to a fan like me, IS Temperance Brennan. But sitting down with the actress for a few minutes and sharing easy laughs and conversation well outside of Bones’ comfort level, you realize Temperance Brennan is just an incredibly well-crafted character portrayed to perfection by a talented actress. In fact, Deschanel says she has little in common with the character she’s so expertly brought to life.

Deschanel and I chatted about the exciting adventures awaiting Booth and Bones this season, including a little something about tonight’s Rumspringa episode and what it was like working with Cyndi Lauper after she “butchered” one of her songs in a previous season. Of course, I asked her all about her thoughts on the Booth/Bones romance and if she’s as excited for the possibilities between the two as we fans are. Deschanel even joked around about how she and David Borneaz envision the pair’s happy ending, “We’re in the rain, we run together in the rain…” 

See my entire interview with Emily Deschanel and then be sure to tune into FOX tonight for a brand new Bones episode, “The Plain in the Prodigy.”

–Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Abbey Simmons

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