#19 “Out Of Time”

On the season premiere of CSI: Miami, everything goes back to the past, back to the time when the team was being born. But we begin with the present, of course, and Delko (Adam Rodriguez) hanging on to dear life. Now that’s done, time machines ready? Hello, 1997!

"Out Of Time"

#18 “Out Of Time”

It doesn’t really look that different. I mean, how different can Horatio (David Caruso) look like?

#17 “Out Of Time”

That other guy could be his partner from twelve years ago. I can’t remember what his name is, though.

#16 “Out Of Time”

It’s been said that the episode is from a comatose Delko’s perspective, but I think it might be from everyone’s perspective.

#15 “Out Of Time”

But I strongly think it’ll be a look back at Delko’s first murder case.

#14 “Out Of Time”

Now Horatio looks really young here.

#13 “Out Of Time”

And he’s talking to a blonde-haired newbie with some splatter on paper…

#12 “Out Of Time”

…oh, right, that is Calleigh (Emily Procter), on her first day on the job at Miami-Dade, although she isn’t really a newcomer to these things.

#11 “Out Of Time”

She didn’t really look any different. The only difference is the shirt she’s wearing.

#10 “Out Of Time”

Alexx (Khandi Alexander) is here, too, back when the morgue didn’t look so futuristic. Note the vintage telephone Horatio’s using in the background.

#9 “Out Of Time”

And, in case you haven’t noticed it, she’s also reuniting, sort of, with the MDPD crime lab, because she’s the one who’ll bring Delko to the hospital. Or that’s what I heard, at least.

#8 “Out Of Time”

Say hello to the newest member of the MDPD crime lab: Jesse Cardoza (Eddie Cibrian), who’s… leaving?

#7 “Out Of Time”

Apparently we’ll look back to his last day with the Miami-Dade police, since he’s decided to move to Los Angeles to take care of his sick dad. There, he’d become a member of the LAPD, and then he’d find his way back to Miami. That makes sense.

#6 “Out Of Time”

Quick observations: he really looks young here. And pretty cute. Oh, oh, and I think we’ll know his connections with Horatio back in 1997. And now, the answer to the biggest question in CSI: Miami history: why does Horatio wear those shades all the time?

#5 “Out Of Time”

Guess what? It’s Delko’s fault.

#4 “Out Of Time”

Although you can see that Horatio always bent his head that way. The shades just gave an extra dimension to it.

#3 “Out Of Time”

“Want to try it on?” Delko says. I’m just guessing, but it looks like it.

#2 “Out Of Time”

“Bah, it looks good on you!” Delko says. I’m guessing again, but Horatio seems happy. Notice the pager on his belt. I told you. Vintage.

#1 “Out Of Time”

And so was born Horatio’s love of that pair of shades. CSI: Miami returns September 21 from 10pm on CBS.

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