All the promos, previews and spoilers for Bones have made the long wait for season 5 all the more difficult simply because the suspense is killing me. It also hasn’t been easy knowing that Brennan ran off to Guatemala while Booth remains in a state of confusion, and that Angela will end her vow of celibacy with someone we all know. Now we still have about four weeks of agony before Booth and Brennan returns to our TV screens on September 17 so I can just imagine all the questions running through your mind. Luckily, Bones show runner and executive producer Hart Hanson has addressed some of these concerns without giving away too much to spoil your enjoyment of the upcoming season.

As mentioned in the Bones season 5 preview, the season opener will kick off weeks later and after Brennan returns from a trip to Guatemala. This alone makes me wonder why on earth would Brennan leave Booth at a time when he needs her most. But that’s not the case, according to Hart, who says, “We’ve set up a few times that when she’s really miserable she goes down there [Guatemala] and identifies victims of the genocide down there and there are so many still remaining unidentified. So when she’s really miserable she just throws herself into that. I promise you, Brennan did not abandon Booth. Watch the season opener; you’ll see.”

As for Angela’s much awaited storyline, Hanson of course remains tightlipped about who she’s hooking up with. However, he doesn’t want to rule out any male character on the show, and that includes Booth.

“If you remember from last year, she was going to do six months of being celibate at Sweet’s advice, so just today she broke her stretch of celibacy… I’m not saying with whom,” Hanson teased. “Someone we know. I told [Michaela Conlin] about fifteen minutes ago and she went [makes excited gasping noise]. So it was a good reaction!”

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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