Previously on Crowned, the teams worked for Habitat For Humanity for a day, and when Mindy and Rachelle won the award for the having the best work ethic, Patty’s and Laura’s feathers were ruffled, to say the least. Gina and Hollis won the soapbox challenge, and Angela and Tenia ran off the stage to avoid de-sashing themselves.

The penultimate episode of Crowned begins with the five remaining teams discussing Team Beauty is Skin Deep’s shocking exit. Rachelle consoles Christan and Ada for not having had a chance to say good-bye to their roommates. Laura jumps into the conversation and snaps at Rachelle. They get into a huge argument, Patty telling Rachelle not to go around doling out unsolicited advice to people. Poor Ada and Christan feel caught in the middle. Laura mocks the Goody Two Shoes girls for being ugly while claiming that people should be beautiful both on the inside and on the outside.

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