Perhaps due in part to the thinning of competition from widely-watched shows that have been shut down by the writers’ strike, and also partly due to its own engaging storylines, October Road seems to be fast becoming a favorite among viewers.  One of its stars, Laura Prepon of That `70s Show fame, spoke to E! Online about the show’s increasing popularity, her character and her former `70s Show gang.

“It’s awesome,” Prepon remarked about October Road‘s bunch of faithful fans.  “We call ourselves the little engine that could, because we’ve had major obstacles to overcome and we always come out with flying colors.  It’s all about our fans, who really do love the show and love these characters.  I think we’re definitely back because of them.”

“I think it’s different because there aren’t a lot of pure relationship dramas on TV now.  There are shows like Lost, incredible shows like Heroes and the CSIs.  But October Road doesn’t have any forensic scientists or big explosions or anything like that.  It’s really just a show about people, which is cool,” the actress went on to explain what she believes is the series’ unique pull with its audience.

The actress also talked about her October Road persona, Hannah, who finds herself in the middle of two guys who are both in love with her.

“It’s pretty cool, I’m not going to lie.  I guess every girl would like to have a couple of guys competing over her,” Prepon admitted.  “They’re just both such totally different people.  Nick is the way he is, and Ray is the way he is.  Ultimately, I don’t know who she’s going to stay with, because they both offer different things for her – even though I think she’s truly in love with Nick.”

Another reason why October Road could be drawing in more and more support may be the camaraderie and rapport among the members of the cast and crew.

“It’s awesome, it really is.  Our first season, we were [shooting] in Atlanta, and it was like a mini-boot camp for the cast.  We were all thrown together and living in the same complex.  I think that was awesome, because we got to know each other really fast, and now it looks like we all really grew up in this town together,” Prepon revealed.  “It’s so weird.  On the weekends, we would go to Vegas and people from the network would fly out and say, ‘Nobody does this. I don’t think you understand – casts don’t leave the state to go somewhere else just to hang out [together].’  But it’s just really fun.”

When asked about her old gang front That `70s Show, the actress assured that she remains close friends with them.

“We were like a family.  I mean, Mila [Kunis] was 14 when she started that show.  I was 17.  All of us were so young, and we all grew up together.  We’ll always have that bond.”

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: E! Online
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