In tonight’s episode of Covert Affairs, Annie (Piper Perabo) and Auggie (Christopher Gorham) have to go undercover as a married couple in order to retrieve a dangerous computer virus.

Annie’s two moms

When the D.P.D. gets an opportunity to acquire dangerous malware from someone known as ‘Red Rover’, Joan (Kari Matchett) asks Arthur (Peter Gallagher) to let her send Annie and Auggie into the field. This causes problems with Annie’s new boss, Lena (Sarah Clarke). Lena does not want to lose her newest operative but Arthur makes the final call and gives Joan the go-ahead. Annie and Auggie are sent to Barcelona, posing as Mr. and Mrs. Quinn. After a small snag with the exchange, they get the package but savvy viewers will know it all went down way too easily.

No one is getting along this week

After their power-struggle over Annie, Joan and Lena have another confrontation where we learn that the two have a history of trying to one-up each other in order to succeed in the company.  Joan takes a moment to gloat over her victory before Lena accuses Joan of going to her husband to handle a problem that should have been settled between the two of them. But Joan and Arthur are not on the best of terms either, as Arthur wonders why Joan sent Auggie into the field and Joan wonders why Arthur is trying to micro-manage her operation. Though they have disagreed over work in the past, the current professional divide between the married spies seems to be growing larger with every episode.

Annie gets thrown for a loop

When they have some down-time before their flight home, Auggie tells Annie that he is planning to propose to his girlfriend of only a few months. Annie is visibly shaken by Auggie’s news, but does her best to cover. Annie gets another shock when Joan calls and says they are no longer safe in Barcelona, moments before the agents are attacked. Annie and Auggie get away safely but Auggie loses the package in the process. Despite Joan’s orders to come home, Annie and Auggie go after ‘Red Rover’, as turning the programmer is the only way to stop the virus from being activated. Annie and Auggie track down ‘Red Rover’, a girl named Pilar who agrees to help them create an anti-virus in exchange for a huge pay-out. They deliver Pilar to Joan and she seemingly forgives them for not following orders. Auggie then heads off on his proposal mission, while Annie decides to follow Lena’s suggestion and continue her seduction of Simon in order to get the intel they need.

In other news…

Arthur visits Jai’s father in prison and Papa Wilcox makes it clear that he blames Arthur for Jai’s death, even though Arthur (and others) suspect Wilcox himself may have been involved in his son’s murder. Joan gets a visitor of her own when someone from the N.S.A. stops by to ask if Joan knew that Arthur hired people to follow Jai prior to his death. Joan did not and is now even more suspicious of Arthur’s recent actions.

Will Joan and Arthur get back on the same page and work together to solve Jai’s murder? Will Lena and Joan continue to duke it out over Annie? And how will Auggie feel if he learns his best friend has been tasked to get close to someone as dangerous as Simon?

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