Beware: A virus outbreak is coming to a TV near you!

The CW’s newest series, Containment, leaves vampires, zombies and comic book villains behind and brings an even more frightening threat to the small screen in a gruesome and fatal virus.

BuddyTV visited the Atlanta set of Containment with a group of reporters and talked with Executive Producer Julie Plec (The Vampire Diaries, The Originals) about her new virus outbreak series. She discussed the difference of working on a non-supernatural series, the exploration of humanity, the moral dilemmas, and how Chris Wood was cast on the show.

Check out the video interview with Julie Plec on the Containment CDC set.

Highlights from the interview:

  • The shift from working on a supernatural show to one based in reality wasn’t a challenge for Plec. The show is really about character, humanity, human beings and how they relate to each other.
  • She considers Containment a genre show, “The virus itself is a monster. It’s the ‘Jaws’ and the ‘monster under the bed’ and those things.
  • She describes the show as a “perfect blend of being able to explore humanity and nudge of tension, suspense and mystery.”
  • “It’s a very long, slow journey through the first season” to the mystery. There’s a “subtle thread of conspiracy.”
  • There will be “small shifts” in the virus. There are some elements that shift in the virus that throw people for a loop. It leaves open the possibility for a second season.
  • The series deals with both the beautiful and ugly sides of humanity.
  • Patient Zero is a man of Middle Eastern descent which leads to finger pointing, hostility and xenophobia. 
  • Question raised: Why are we so quick to point fingers? What kind of person are you? Does it bring out a side of you that you’re proud of or does it bring out a side you never hope to see again?
  • There are some sub-textual rational politics.
  • Plec thought Chris Wood (The Vampire Diaries) was too young for the role initially. She talks about his audition and how the pilot’s director, David Nutter (Arrow, The Flash), wanted Wood for the part.

Containment premieres Tuesday, April 19 at 9pm ET on the CW.

(Image courtesy of the CW/ Video: Carla Day)

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