Supernatural fans turned out in large number, filling a couple thousand person ballroom for a panel featuring Executive Producer/Creator Eric Kripke, producer Sarah Gamble, writer Ben Edlund, and star Jensen Ackles.  Sadly, Jared Padalecki couldn’t make it.  You could feel the elation held by everyone in the room that Supernatural would be coming back for a third season.  At one point, Kripke told the audience that they were very close to being canceled and implored the fans to spread the word and watch in large numbers so they can ensure a fourth season.  In terms of big news, there wasn’t much to tell, but they did elaborate on the two new female characters, and some general bits of info regarding the upcoming third season, which they just began shooting.

The presentation kicked off with DVD footage of some behind the scenes of the filming of the season 2 finale “All Hell Breaks Loose”.  Craig Tomashoff of TV Guide presided over the panel, asking pertinent questions, and then at the end they did some audience Q and A.  The behind the scenes footage was interesting in that it went through a number of trials and tribulations that the production team went through putting the finale to film.  They had to severely pare down what was an originally epic script, change locations numerous times and endure notes from executives.  You can see the whole thing on the Supernatural season 2 DVD.

Kripke and the other producers discussed the two new incoming female characters that are going to join Sam and Dean.  Here’s what they said:  the girls are not there to be the girlfriends.  They are obstacles, foils, and antagonists.  Ruby is an unhinged, ruthless character, while Bella is a hot cat burglar who is going to be constantly at odds with the boys.  In other character news, both Gordon and Bobby will be back.

Besides that, everyone was very excited about the third season, which they are currently shooting.  Jensen Ackles is a charming, funny guy and everyone seems to get along impeccably well.  Let’s hope more fans tune in next year to ensure the future for this beloved series.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV