Created by J. G. Quintel, “Close Enough” takes you inside the hazy world of millennials just starting out. This animated comedy follows the life of a young couple raising a six-year-old daughter. It shows what it’s like to transition from college to adult life.

This article talks about the show’s characters, where to watch, and the link between “Close Enough” and the “Regular Show.” You’ll also discover what the BuddyTV platform has to offer.

What is “Close Enough” About?

“Close Enough” is a riveting animated sitcom that provides a glimpse into the life of a stoner couple in Los Angeles, California. The show, created by J. G. Quintel, premiered on HBO Max on July 9, 2020. Critics loved it, comparing it favorably to the hit “Regular Show.”

It’s about a couple in their early thirties, Josh and Emily, with their daughter Candice. Bridgette and Alex, two divorced friends, live with the young family in a Los Angeles duplex. Josh and Emily struggle with finances and parenthood in the show, while dealing with ham thieves and stripper clowns. The two tend to let their stress, triggered by their financial woes, take them down some wildly whimsical roads.

This show’s relatable storyline and the cast’s stellar vocals greatly enhance its appeal.

Who are the Main Characters of “Close Enough?”

“Close Enough” has a lot of interesting characters to keep you hooked. The main characters you can expect in the animated TV show include:

Joshua “Josh” Singleton:

Josh Singleton in Close Enough

Voiced by J. G. Quintel, Joshua is a famous video game developer married to Emily. In spite of his soul-numbing day job, Josh keeps his chin up. With his distinctive straight brown hair and pearl ivory skin tone, he’s a little childish and carefree. Though he often gets into trouble because of his childishness, he also knows how to act responsibly. The character enjoys adventure time with his roommate Alex.

Emily Ramirez:

Emily Ramirez in Close Enough

Voiced by Gabrielle Walsh, Emily acts as a secondary protagonist and works as an assistant at a company involved in the food industry. She’s Josh’s wife, and the married couple has a six-year-old daughter, Candice. In opposition to her husband, Emily is hard-working and organized. In her spare time, she enjoys performing comedy rock songs and the company of Bridgette, one of her best friends.

Candice Singleton-Ramirez:

Candice in Close Enough

The six-year-old daughter of Josh and Emily who struggles to keep up in school. This youngster is the tritagonist of the animated series. She enjoys the company of her family’s roommates and thinks kids who live in an isolated environment miss out on a lot of fun stuff. Her voice actress is Jessica DiCicco.

Alex Dorpenberger:

Alex in Close Enough

This character acts as one of the two deuteragonists of the animated sitcom. Besides his ex-wife Bridgette, he shares an apartment with Josh and Emily on the east side of Los Angeles. Well known for his neurotic behavior, Alex first met Josh in high school, and they became best friends. He’s a community college professor with aspirations to be a famous author someday. Despite his insecurities and odd tendencies, he’s a loyal, good friend to people close to him. Jason Mantzoukas voices this character.

Bridgette Yoshida:

Bridgette in Close Enough

Voiced by Kimiko Glenn, Bridgette is a glamorous social media influencer and singer-songwriter of Japanese descent. In the adult animation show, she and her ex-husband, Alex, are deuteragonists. As an ardent socialite and influencer, she loves partying and singing with her best friend, Emily. It’s no surprise that she’s always in the know about fashion and social trends.

Pearle Watson:

Pearle in Close Enough

Owner of the apartment building where Joshua, Candice, Emily, Bridgette, and Alex live. Pearle is Randy Watson’s adoptive mother and a former LAPD officer. The elderly African-American landlady appointed Randy (voiced by James Adomian) as the building manager. She has a good relationship with the apartment’s tenants, who occasionally come to her for advice and moral support. Danielle Brooks voices this character.

Randall “Randy” Watson:

Randy in Close Enough

Known for his neurotic and slightly odd behavior, Randy is the building manager of Pearle Watson’s apartment complex. He has close relationships with many of the residents, including Josh Singleton, Emily Ramirez, Alex Dorpenberger, and Candice Singleton-Ramirez. Though he can be a bit high-strung at times, Randy is a loyal friend and valued member of the close-knit community in the show’s setting. 

Recurring “Close Enough” Characters

“Close Enough” has several recurring characters that you should know about. These characters include:

  • Mr. Timothy Campbell: This character teaches Josh and Emily’s daughter at Chamomile Elementary School (daycare). Despite his emotional problems, he’s a perfectionist and a go-getter. Voiced by John Early, he pushes himself and others to make the most of any situation. Mr. Campbell has a distinctive orange beard and hair.

  • Mr. Salt: Worker at FoodCorp where he’s Emily Ramirez’s boss. It’s difficult to read Mr. Salt because he’s not expressive. Fred Stoller voices this character.

  • Dr. Glandz: This doctor works at the Pretty Good Samaritan Hospital. The brunette, voiced by Cheri Oteri, has a short haircut and is middle-aged. Although she portrays a professional figure, she’s not very good at practicing medicine.

  • Dante: Josh Singleton’s colleague at Plugger-Inners who first appeared in “Prank War” (Close Enough season one, episode four). Voiced by Eugene Cordero, the character has a hook-handed prosthetic lower arm. It seems he’s the only person Josh knows outside of the apartment. He’s brutally honest and resourceful.

  • Jojo: Acts as the main antagonist in “Cool Moms” (season one, episode eight). She’s a biker and a parent to Mia, one of Candice’s classmates. Voiced by Mo Collins, the brunette character appeared in just two episodes. Her role in the sitcom is intriguing because of her strange parenting style.

  • Trish: A member of the “Cool Moms” group and the parent of Candice’s classmate and friend, Maddie. Voiced by Kate Higgins, Trish appeared in four episodes during “Close Enough” season one and two.

Where Can You Watch Episodes of “Close Enough?”

“Close Enough” airs on HBO Max and several other platforms. Additional networks and streaming services include:

  • Amazon Video
  • TBS
  • Vudu
  • Spectrum On Demand
  • Sling TV
  • DirecTV
  • Apple iTunes

Meanwhile, it’s not clear whether Netflix will carry the show.

Is “Close Enough” Linked to “Regular Show?”

TV show fans rejoice when a creator does something big, and start wondering what’s next. For J.G. Quintel, he had to find the best formula to transition from the Cartoon Network Studios series “Regular Show” to the next animated production. To get it right, he needed to introduce something new that linked to the previous production.

Quintel found the answer when he decided to create the HBO Max series “Close Enough.” The adult animated sitcom undoubtedly makes sense as a follow-up to the highly successful “Regular Show,” which aired 261 episodes within seven years starting in 2010. There’s also a film based on the show.

Like its predecessor, “Close Enough” brilliantly throws absurd twists on everyday life to make the storyline more intriguing. The craziness hits a whole new level in “The Canine Guy” episode when Josh befriends a talking dog. On the other hand, it’s also got the same voicing and art style as “Regular Show.”

J.G. Quintel usually does surreal shows as he takes viewers from a relatable place to a somewhat strange world. So, both “Regular Show” and “Close Enough” showcase some really crazy stuff. The creator voiced Joshua “Josh” Singleton in “Close Enough” and Mordecai in the award-winning “Regular Show.”

Will There Be a Season 3 of “Close Enough?”

On March 23, 2022, an official announcement revealed that “Close Enough” would come back for a third season on April 7, 2022, which includes eight episodes.

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