Tacoma FD” is a workplace shenanigan-style comedy that has garnered polarized reviews from its audience – the jokes will either land with you or they won’t. However, an 8.1 out of 10 rating on IMDb shows the audience has mostly liked it. 

Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme wrote this show. They are also the show’s executive producers, alongside David Miner, Greg Walter, Brandon Hendrix, and Kyle Clark. 

The last episode of the third season aired on December 9, 2021. Fans are impatiently waiting for the next season’s release.  

Read on to learn more about “Tacoma FD’s” premise, cast, and the latest news regarding season four.  

What Is “Tacoma FD” About?

“Tacoma FD” is a sitcom with standalone episodes featuring six happy-go-lucky firefighters working at a fire station in Tacoma, Washington. In the show, Tacoma is shown to be one of America’s rainiest cities, and thus, there are not many fires around to extinguish. The crew has to make use of their time doing less heroic jobs. For instance, the crew revives a ventriloquist dummy in one episode. 

Fans of “Super Troopers” will see Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme bring the same energy to “Tacoma FD.” The show features clever comebacks, fart jokes, and situational comedy. The episodes have many outlandish scenarios. For example, a fire at the dispensary in town gets the whole crew intoxicated. In another episode, the crew fights against the removal of nudity from the annual firefighters’ Beefcake calendar.

The show is a great example of a successful half-hour comedy format that worked in so many other productions. Tacoma Fire Department tackling some extraordinary emergencies and resolving their own conflicts (like in the iconic “Cop Wars” episode, in which the crew wages a tit-for-tat war with the cops) is what keeps people coming back to this show.

These half-hour episodes will have you laughing as the characters find themselves responding to odd calls for help, pulling pranks on each other, taking part in ridiculous competitions, and clashing with the Tacoma police department.  

Where Can You Watch “Tacoma FD?”

You have quite a few options on where to watch “Tacoma FD.” 

It’s offered by satellite and cable TV providers, such as:

  • Dish TV
  • Verizon FIOS
  • Spectrum TV

You can stream “TacomaFD” on:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • TruTV
  • Sling TV
  • YouTubeTV
  • Hulu
  • HBO Max
  • Apple TV 

Or, you can buy all the seasons of “Tacoma FD” on these platforms:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Microsoft
  • Vudu

Everything You Need to Know About the Cast of “Tacoma FD”

Meet the cast of Tacoma FD, a comedy series set in a firehouse in the rainiest city in America.

Kevin Heffernan

Kevin Heffernan as Chief Terry McConky in Tacoma FD 

Kevin got involved with comedy during his college days. At Colgate University, he joined the comedy group Charred Goosebeak, along with other members of his fraternity. This group stuck together after college and renamed itself Broken Lizard. Kevin had the option to pursue law, but he and other group members chose to write and act in movies instead.

Their second movie, “Super Troopers,” became a hit and solidified Kevin’s comedy career. The team also released “Super Trooper 2” in 2018. The movie did well at the box office but was a bit of a letdown to “Super Troopers” fans. In “Tacoma FD,” Kevin plays Chief Terry McConky of Station 24. 

Steve Lemme

Steve Lemme as Captain Eddie Penisi in Tacoma FD

Steve Lemme was one of the members of Charred Goosebeak with Kevin Heffernan at Colgate University. He has written and acted in numerous movies along with other Broken Lizard members including, “Super Troopers,” “Club Dread,” “Beerfest,” and more. Steve Lemme plays Captain Eddie Penisi of the Tacoma Fire Department. Apart from being captain of the team, he is also Terry’s brother-in-law. Apparently, Eddie is a ladies’ man with a lot of exes.

Marcus Henderson

Marcus Henderson as Granfield “Granny” Smith in Tacoma FD

In his earlier career, Marcus was featured in Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained.” Since then, he’s given various guest and recurring appearances on TV shows and movies. His most recent films include “Juanita,” “Lemon Drop,” “Insidious: The Last Key,” and “Get Down.” Marcus plays a firefighter, Granfield “Granny” Smith, in “Tacoma FD.” He loves to crack jokes and fool around with his team at Station 24. 

Eugene Cordero

Eugene Cordero as Andy Myawani in Tacoma FD

Eugene is well-versed in comedic roles. He has appeared in a number of films and played guest characters in quite a few TV shows. He has appeared as a regular on comedy TV shows such as “Other Space,” “Brazilian Dollar Propertie$,” and given his voice to animated characters in “Star Trek: Lower Decks,” and “Steven Universe.” He plays Andy Myawani, a firefighter in “Tacoma FD,” who is often the butt of the crew’s jokes.  

Gabriel Hogan

Gabriel Hogan as Ike Crystal in Tacoma FD

Gabriel Hogan started acting at the young age of 16. He made his first appearance portraying a young soldier in “Forever Knight.” To date, he has played side roles and bit parts in about a hundred films and TV shows. He has also starred as the main character in some TV shows, including “Traders,” “The Associates,” “Rent a Goalie,” “Robson Arms,” and “King.” Gabriel portrays a firefighter named Ike Crystal, who is known for his lack of intelligence. 

Hassie Harrison

Hassie Harrison as Lucy McConky in Tacoma FD

Hassie considers her role in “Tacoma FD” as her first big break. She has played supporting and guest roles throughout her acting career, but things are changing for her fast. Harrison is currently starring as one of the main characters in “Yellowstone.” Hassie plays the only and first ever female firefighter in the Station 24 crew, Lucy McConky. She is the daughter of Terry, but this doesn’t stop the crew from going hard on Lucy with their pranks and rookie hazing. 

Suzy Nakamura

Suzy Nakamura as Linda Price in Tacoma FD

Suzy Nakamura is an actor and improv comedian who has appeared in a long list of movies and TV shows. She got her first film role in 1995, and since then, she has been continuously appearing in shows and films every year. She has played lead roles in two TV shows, “Dr. Ken” and “Avenue 5.” She portrays Linda Price in “Tacoma FD.” Linda is the councilwoman of Tacoma – who often reprimands the fire department and seeks to correct their ways.

What Happened in Season 3 of “Tacoma FD?”

The third season of “Tacoma FD” was filmed during the pandemic. The production team came up with creative ideas and allowed for changes in the episodes to accommodate indoor shooting.  

Episode 1

The first episode of season three is named “Quarantine.” It shows the Tacoma firefighting crew under quarantine due to coming in contact with a Capuchin monkey potentially infected with the Simian flu. 

Episode 2

In the second episode, the crew pulls pranks on the chief’s daughter — a ritual every probationary firefighter must go through. She manages to retaliate with her own pranks on the firehouse crew, creating some good laughs for the audience. 

Stipe Miocic — a professional mixed martial artist and a part-time firefighter paramedic — makes a guest appearance as himself in the fourth episode. The interaction of the crew with Stipe makes for some amusing situational comedy. We also get to know the backstory of how Terry met his wife, Vicky, from the perspective of Terry, Vicky, and Eddie. Ironically, none of their perspectives coincide.

Episode 5

Episode five has Whitney Cummings as a guest actor, where she plays Courtney Brixton, a sexual bias instructor. What incidents led to the crew requiring sexual bias training? We won’t spoil it for you, but we can tell you that you will find the whole affair pretty hilarious. 

Other Notable Moments

Other notable events include the crew’s attempt to incorporate machines into their work, a pickleball competition among the cast, and a Thanksgiving celebration. 

In the episode “Wedding Crashers,” Terry’s daughter dates Officer Shuck, the son of Jerry’s arch-enemy, Captain Jerry Polonsky. The dispute between Terry and Jerry reminds us of the building feud between the fire and police departments. The aftermath is a big mess.

In episode ten of the first season, Terry’s crew organizes an anniversary party to mark the occasion when Terry saved Eddie’s life in the biggest football game of the year. The party gets interrupted as Terry’s crew puts out the fire in the local weed dispensary.

Terry decides to quit his job as the Chief of Station 24 in the final episode of season three. You will see some fan-favorite callbacks from past episodes. The episode ends on a cliffhanger when the firehouse catches fire.

Creators Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme, who are also the stars of the show, keep surprising the audience with hilarious plots like the annual pancake cook-off contest, moon rescue calls, ridiculous competition, and friendly first responder rivalries that will glue you to the screen!

Will There Be a Season 4 of “Tacoma FD?”

The production team of “Tacoma FD” confirmed the fourth season, which was released on July 20, 2023.

We expect the firefighting crew to attend to more house calls as well as bizarre emergency calls and infuse more creativity into their pranks since COVID protocols won’t constrict the shooting of season four.

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