Following the success of “Henry Danger” and its first spinoff, “The Adventures of Kid Danger,” the producers of these shows returned with a second official spinoff in 2020 titled “Danger Force.” This live-action, crime-fighting show is currently in its second season, and fans are loving it.

This article gives a breakdown of each character in “Danger Force” and other key details you might like to know about the show.

About “Danger Force”

The final episodes of “Henry Danger” introduced Mika, Miles, Chapa, and Bose — four kids who combined to make up the “Danger Force.” This new clique of superhero sidekicks works together to harness their sometimes uncontrollable superpowers to fight crime. Besides fighting crime, they also have the responsibility to ensure their real identities are kept a secret from their families and the villains they are up against.

To be successful at these tasks, they learn under Captain Man and Schwoz at Swellview Academy for the Gifted (also known as SW.A.G.).

Being a spinoff of “Henry Danger,” the show is in the same universe as other Dan Schneider sitcoms and Nickelodeon shows  — such as “Drake & Josh,” “Zoey 101,” “iCarly,” “Sam & Cat,” “Henry Danger,” “The Thundermans,” “Game Shakers,” and “Knight Squad.”

“Danger Force” is created by Christopher J. Nowak, with characters by Dan Schneider and Dana Olsen. The tv show combines comedy, crime-fighting, live-action, and sitcom.

Who are the Main Characters of “Danger Force?”

Below is a quick highlight of the main characters of “Danger Force.

Raymond “Ray” Manchester:

Ray Manchester in Danger Force

Ray, also known as Captain Man, is a superhero and a Deuteragonist in “Henry Danger. “Over the years, he has earned his reputation as guardian and savior of Swellview city. However, the older he grew, the more he saw the need to have other people fight crime alongside him — hence his partnership with Henry Hart, “Kid Danger.” Now, he also takes up the responsibility to mentor the young superheroes — Mika, Miles, Bose, and Chapa. Captain Man made his first appearance at age 8 in “The Danger Begins” as portrayed by Coby Severance. However, in “Danger Force,” the adult role is played by Cooper Barnes.

Schwoz Schwartz:

Scwoz Schwartz in Danger Force

Disguised as Dr. Schwarmalensen, Schwoz made his first appearance in the first season of “Henry Danger.” Schwoz is knowledgeable about piloting, hacking, climbing, engineering, medicine, animation, and being an automobile mechanic. He is an interesting and gifted character and is credited for building Swellview Academy, a vision that was inspired by Captain Man. Schwoz joins Captain Man in providing mentorship for the “Danger Force.” Michael D. Cohen portrays the character.

Mika Macklin (Shoutout):

Mika Macklin

Mika is a scientist and a superhero in training. She made her first appearance in the fifth season of “Henry Danger,” where she teamed up with his brother, Miles, Captain Man, and Kid Danger to break out of the escape room created by Jack Frittleman. Mika’s main ability is her mighty shout power, hence the nickname “Shoutout.” Dana Heath plays this character.

Miles Macklin (AWOL):

Miles Macklin in Danger Force

Also known as superhero AWOL, Miles is the twin brother of Mika Macklin. Miles has two major superpowers. The first is his ability to look into the future, while the other is teleportation — which is why he was nicknamed “AWOL.” After several months of training under Captain Ray, Miles becomes skilled in combat, and with other members of the Danger Force, they face villains like elite fighter Drex. Terrence Little Gardenhigh portrays the character.

Bose O’Brian (Brainstorm):

Bose O'Brian in Danger Force

Bose O’Brian made his first appearance in the fifth season of “Henry Danger” where together with Miles, Mika, and Chapa, they confronted Drex’s cavemen. That event exposed the four to the Omega Weapon explosion that gave them superpowers. The explosion gave Bose the ability to move an object just by thinking about it. In “Danger Force,” Captain Ray trains him to become a skilled fighter as they aim to defeat the villains in Swellview city. Luca Luhan portrays the character.

Chapa De Silva (Volt):

Chap De Silva in Danger Force

The explosion in “Henry Danger” also gave Chapa the ability to generate and manipulate electricity. This makes it possible for Chapa to shoot lightning bolts — hence the nickname “Volt.” Chapa’s ability is anger-based. Because she is naturally high-tempered, she is often unable to control or regulate her power. However, she is helped by Captain Ray and Schwoz to master her powers as the Danger Force seeks to take on their opponents. Havan Flores portrays this character.

Recurring “Danger Force” Characters

Below are some of the recurring characters in “Danger Force.” Recurring characters are characters who have appeared in three episodes or more. 

  • Henry Hart (Kid Danger): Jace Norman returns in “Danger Force” as best friend and former superhero sidekick to Captain Man. This time, he is a superhero in another town — Dystopia.
  • Rick Twitler: Villain Rick Twitler returns in “Danger Force.” In one of the scenes,  Rick takes over Mika’s mind using his evil powers and attempts to use Mika’s powers to destroy the internet. However, Henry Hart shows up in time to save the day. Rick is one opponent the “Danger Force” has to disarm. David Blue plays this character.
  • Toddler: Toddler is a pint-sized criminal who made his first appearance in “Henry Danger” as a supervillain out to destroy Kid Danger and Captain Man. Toddler returns in “Danger Force” as a recurring criminal and one of the villains up against the Danger Force. Ben Giroux portrays the character.
  • Herman Macklin: Herman is the father of Mika and Miles Macklin, the superheroes. Antonio D. Charity portrays this character. 
  • Angela Macklin: Portrayed by Nakia Burrise, Angela is the mother of Mika and Miles Macklin.

Other recurring characters on the show include: 

  • Jeff Bilsky as portrayed by Ryan Grassmeyer
  • Mandy as portrayed by Tori Keeth
  • Drex Stinklebaum as portrayed by Tommy Walker
  • Trent Overunder as portrayed by Winston Story
  • Courtney as portrayed by Monique Burias Shi
  • Mary Gaperman as portrayed by Carrie Barrett
  • Chest Monster voiced by Pickles Senior

Where can You Watch Episodes of “Danger Force?”

Catch all the episodes of “Danger Force” on Paramount+ or fuboTV. You can also stream “Danger Force” when you rent or purchase it on iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, and Amazon Instant Video.

Will There be a Season 3 of “Danger Force?”

As it stands, there is no news yet about whether or not “Danger Force” will be renewed for season three — although fans are definitely eager for more of this show. Stay tuned for updates.

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