For lovers of a feel-good animated series, “Craig of the Creek” is among the best in the business. Created by Ben Levin and Matt Burnett for Cartoon Network Studios, and starting life as a spinoff of “Jessica’s Big Little World,” “Craig of the Creek” debuted its pilot episode on December 1, 2017 – exclusively through the Cartoon Network app. Now set to embark on its fifth season in early 2023, fans of this motley collection of fun-loving kids from Herkleston, Maryland, will continue to delight in Craig Williams’ natural leadership and cartography skills.

Since its premiere, “Craig of the Creek” has been nominated for Annie Awards in both writing and character design categories. and has been honored with a Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Children’s Animated Series. These accolades are notarized by the continuous popularity of the show amongst its fan base, with Parrot Analytics showing demand for “Craig of the Creek” as being 3.8% higher than the average comparative TV shows across all platforms, including Netflix.

This article will offer insightful details into each of the major characters of “Craig of the Creek,” including Craig Wiliams himself, his three best friends, P.J., Kelsey, and Omar, and his little sister, Jessica. 

Who Are the Main Characters of “Craig of the Creek?”

“Craig of the Creek” centers around the never-ending childhood adventures of a trio collectively called “The Stump Kids.” This group of best friends finds mischief and mayhem alongside a magical creek in their hometown of Herkelston, Maryland. 

The trio includes Craig Williams, Kelsey Pokoly, and J.P. Mercer. Later on, a fourth adventurer, simply known as “Omar” joins up with The Stump Kids to complete the crew. As all of the children attend different schools, the creek and Craig himself are the unifying factors tying them all together. 

Read on for more details about The Stump Kids and other important characters making “Craig of the Creek” such a wild and wonderful program.

About Craig Williams

Craig Williams

Craig Williams, voiced by Philip Solomon, is a 10-year-old boy who wants to map as much of the magical world he sees around him as possible. He is sometimes nicknamed “Map Boy” for this reason. Craig carries a small turquoise bag containing cartography tools and other important items that lend themselves to good use on adventures. He also carries a staff, at times resembling a young wizard. 

Craig makes consistent updates to his ongoing map of Herkleston Creek where the children play. His affinity for the natural world instills a sense of wonder in himself and the other Stump Kids as they explore unknowns and curiosities by the water together. 

Craig’s Family

There is a particularly sweet bond between Craig and his father Duane, voiced by Terry Crews. Craig’s studious older brother, Bernard Williams, can sometimes cause havoc by treating Craig like he is irresponsible or wasting his time with his adventures at the creek. Bernard is voiced by Phil Lamarr. Most episodes show Craig and the other children learning valuable traits like empathy, patience, and appreciation for multiple perspectives through these kinds of interactions with adults or older characters.

About Kelsey Pokoly

Kelsey Pokoly

Kelsey Pokoly is a feisty, red-haired girl from a Jewish family. She’s about a year younger than Craig Williams. Her pet parakeet, Mortimer, is her constant companion, often found sitting right on top of her head.

Kelsey has an exceptionally vivid imagination and admirable self-belief. She wears a purple cape and carries a PVC-pipe sword in honor of her superheroine status. She refers to Mortimer exclusively as a “falcon.” Kelsey is also an avid reader with a flair for the dramatic.

Originally voiced by Georgia Kidder in the early episodes of the animated series, Kelsey has been voiced by Noël Wells from the fourth episode onward. One of the key features of Kelsey’s character is her active narrations of her life, which her fellow Stump Kids often observe with mixes of hilarity, shock, and joy. Having been raised by her single father, Kelsey is a strong example to young audience members of the many facets of female empowerment.

About J.P. Mercer

J.P. Mercer

J.P. (short for “John Paul”) Mercer is a good-natured and creative best friend to Craig Williams. He consistently exhibits traits like kindness and loyalty and is known for routinely injuring himself and getting his clothes filthy on the kid’s adventures. 

J.P. can always be found sporting his orange and white hockey jersey and is one year older than Craig. Voiced by H. Michael Croner, one of his signature aspects as a character, is breaking the fourth wall. J.P. can seem dreamy and even unintelligent at times, but then he will bust out a one-liner to the audience that goes straight over the heads of his cartoon friends. For this, and his perpetual kindness, J.P. is a fan favorite on “Craig of the Creek.”

About Omar

Omar "The Green Poncho"

From an enigmatic episode titled “Beyond the Overpass,” emerges the fourth and final main character on Craig Of The Creek, Omar, voiced by Zeno Robinson. Previously referred to as “The Green Poncho,” Omar is from the Other Side of the famous Herkleston Creek – and thus very mysterious to The Stump Kids at first. The fact that he rarely spoke in his early appearances gave him an even murkier vibe as a character. 

As new episodes unfolded with Omar involved, it was revealed that he had experienced a harsh regime under King Xavier on the Other Side of the creek that he was trying to protect The Stump Kids from. Through backstory, the audience learns that Omar’s famously monotone voice and flat expression are due to the traumas he suffered at the hands of King Xavier.

Craig of the Creek Poster

About the Various “Creek Kids” Groups

Herkleston Creek is populated by far more than just the trusty Stump Kids. There is a myriad of other groups of children having adventures there. The groups collaborate at times in what is known as the “Creek Council.” The many different groups operate like separate cultures that barter, trade, and try to work together through differences.

The following list provides details regarding other groups of Creek kids:

The Elders of the Creek:

The Elders of the Creek

Well into their teenage years, the Elders are a source of “ancient” wisdom for all of the other groups of Creek kids. The Elders hand out advice to the younger groups in exchange for tribute. The Creek Elders are Mark, Barry, and David.

Junior Forest Scouts:

Junior Forest Scouts

This trio of young scouts can sometimes look down their noses at the other groups at the Creek. The Junior Forest Scouts are led by Jason, Craig’s most recognized rival, and also includes Tony and Boris.

Horse Girls:

The Horse Girls

Taking up residence in the Creek’s nearby meadow, the Horse Girls are a group of four equine-obsessed girls who look, dress, and behave like the animal they most love. Besides this shared connection, all of the Horse Girls likewise have names that begin with “M:” Mackenzie, Melissa, Mangerine “Maney,” and Marie.

10 Speeds:

The 10 Speeds

In the bike park at the Creek reside the 10 Speeds, a mountain-bike-loving group of four, led by cool tomboy Handelbarb. The boys are Cannonball, Warpspeed, and Todd. 

Tea Timers:

The Tea Timers

Led by petulant, rich Eliza, the Tea Timers are a posh trio filled out by Jane and George. They focus their energies on exhibiting wealth, making tea, and causing turmoil. The Tea Timers consider themselves the villains on the side of the Creek that does not belong to King Xavier.

Witches of the Creek:

Witches of the Creek

Tabitha and Courtney are two goth kids who bring their special “magic” to the other kids of the Creek. These girls good-naturedly tease Craig a bit but are on his side in all things.

The Ninja Kids:

The Ninja Kids

Yustice, Zatch, and Prinda live at the waterfall and fixate on Japanese culture. These three comical characters are enthusiastic about Wielding Manga, Anime, Bo-staffs, and Shurikens.

The Sewer Kids:

The Sewer Kids

Living in swimwear and dirty clothes, The Sewer Kids live in the actual sewers of the Creek area. Led by Eileen, the “Sewer Queen” who has webbed toes, these kids hide from conventional swimming places as they are self-conscious. The Sewer Kids also includes Aquatina, Frisboy, Scuba, Speedicious, and Tiny Trunks.

The Alliance of Science:

The Alliance of Science

Always up to an experiment, this is a trio of brilliant kids whom Craig and his crew are often helping or observing in their scientific endeavors. This little tribe is fronted by Wren, who is always overexcitable about anything related to quantum mechanics. Faraday and Carl round out this group and make for hilarious counterbalances to Wren’s scientific hysterics.

Cardboard City:

Great advocates for a world centered on cardboard, the kids of Cardboard City only want to play or dress in this one material. Led by Zoe (“Zo-Zo”) and her friend Carter Brown, the residents of Cardboard City live in a somewhat enclosed community from the other groups at the Creek.

Other Notable “Craig of the Creek” Characters and Guests

Even with all of the aforementioned groups in play, “Craig of the Creek” still has more to offer in the way of secondary characters. Here are a few more folks you might encounter on an episode of the hit animated series.

  • King Xavier: The ruthless dictator king of the Other Side
  • Maya: The bat-wielding right-hand woman to King Xavier
  • Shawn: A member of the Honeysuckle Rangers who eventually befriend Craig
  • Isabella: A book-loving girl who can always be found at the public library waiting to do other people’s book reports
  • Junk Lord: The stingy manager of the Creek junkyard who does not like to share or lend his items
  • Michelle Green: The infamous “Green Poncho” title-bearer before passing it to Omar when it was revealed she had “aged out” and must now go to high school
  • Mariah: The fearless leader of the rollerblading gang from the Other Side of the Creek who gives Craig the first piece of “the cube”
  • Rick: The former head of the kitchen on the Other Side who only initially knew how to make peanut butter sandwiches

Where can you Watch “Craig of the Creek?”

 Fans can currently enjoy streaming “Craig Of The Creek” on HBO Max, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Cartoon Network, VUDU, and Spectrum TV.

What Ages Is “Craig of the Creek” Suitable For?

“Craig of the Creek” can be enjoyed by children starting at about age 5 and up through adults. Many themes may go over the heads of very small children but can be better directed at those of elementary school age between 7 and 12 years old.

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