Along with a new season, Chuck is getting a new Intersect. At the end of season 4, Morgan accidentally downloaded the Intersect when trying on a pair of cool new shades. Now we’ll get the chance to see Morgan Grimes as a kickass spy machine! Or something like that.

What does Chuck season 5 have in store for everybody’s favorite semi-spy?

WARNING: If you keep going with this article, there are spoilers. Video spoilers. Textual spoilers. Spoilers galore! So plan accordingly.

Are you super-anxious to see what Morgan is up to when Chuck season 5 begins? Then check out the video below for a snippet of the Intersect’s new adventures.

If you’re the type who’s willing to read spoilers but won’t watch a spoiler-filled video, here are the high points of what you just missed:

  • Morgan broke a vase. Fortunately, the vase itself wasn’t important to the high-end client of Carmichael Industries. Unfortunately, the nearly priceless vase was payment for the mission.
  • The Intersect does not, apparently, contain vase-restoration instructions.
  • I’m fairly sure that a few cracks does, in fact, reduce the value of an antique. Not that it matters.
  • Morgan might want to consider using actual glue when restoring vases in the future.
  • Carmichael Industries is down to $42 million by the season 5 premiere. That’s a lot of fresh shrimp.
  • The specter of Clyde Decker (that CIA agent who tried to totally destroy Chuck last season) still looms large over the team in Burbank.

Not Enough?
If watching Morgan piece together a Chinese vase isn’t your idea of a big spoiler, then we have more for you from Chuck season 5. After all, with the Intersect planted firmly in Morgan’s brain, you know he’s going to be a major player.

  • While Morgan is not exactly a super spy yet, his ramp-up time to full-on Intersect usage actually seems a bit faster than we saw for Chuck back in season 3. Viewers can expect plenty of kung fu fairly quickly.
  • When the Intersect does its thing, we don’t call it “flash” anymore. Now it’s “zoom.”
  • Look for an awful lot of role-redefinition between Chuck and Morgan at the beginning of the season. The old buddies will have to figure out new relationships as coworkers (Chuck is technically Morgan’s boss now), spies (Morgan needs a handler these days) and friends. The change in that last relationship proves very important.
  • Believe it or not, Morgan was — briefly — popular as an adolescent. This will become important.
  • The titular hairstyle in season 5, episode 3, “Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips,” belongs to Morgan. Pause a moment to shudder at the imagery.
  • Morgan and Sarah share a dance in the season 5 premiere. It is unreservedly awesome.

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Chuck season 5 will premiere with “Chuck vs. the Zoom” on Friday, October 28 at 8pm.

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