This week’s big Buffy reunion on Supernatural features James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter as a very, very old married couple engaging in the most deadly marital spat of all-time. Luckily what Sam and Dean lack in the ability to properly thaw chicken feet they more than make up for in marriage counseling.

Dean’s Internet search for “freaky accidents” leads the brothers to their latest case, and I guess that’s as good a way as any to find one. People in a small town are being boiled alive in hot tubs and killed by floating nail guns, which isn’t exactly normal. They quickly put the blame on a scorned wife (who also happens to be a witch) whose husband had an affair.

Enter Marsters and Carpenter as husband and wife Don and Maggie Stark, a pair of very old witches who are going through a bit of a rough patch. Despite a sad lack of Buffy references, the two do a remarkable job of making me forget about Spike and Cordelia. Marsters is a master of disguise and his sad-sack witch husband is so wonderful that I hope Supernatural finds a way to bring him back. Carpenter is once again playing the spoiled rich girl, though her vengeance is more similar to Kendall Casablancas from Veronica Mars than Cordelia Chase.

After plenty of bloodshed from both sides (she kills the woman he slept with, he kills her best friend who told her about the affair), the two meet up to hash out their problems, only to be interrupted by Sam and Dean who try to kill the witches. Their efforts fail, so instead they compromise and try to act as marriage counselors for the Starks.

The result is a brilliant and hilarious scene as Don and Maggie flick their magic at the boys, even sending a swarm of bees after Dean, while talking through their problems. Despite the fact that Maggie apparently slept with Christopher Columbus, they realize that after more than 800 years, they still love each other and can work through their problems. It’s a happy ending, if by happy you mean two powerful, murderous witches are allowed to live.

The counseling session is a perfect opening for Sam to try and get Dean to open up about his feelings instead of using alcoholism to hide from them. Dean is haunted by the fact that his best friend (Cas) is dead, his brother’s brain is broken and he killed Amy. But even when Sam gives him an opening, promising unconditional love, Dean still refuses to confess his real feelings. That boy is headed down a dark path.

This week also sees the LeviAssassin catch up to the boys, and just as he’s about to kill them, Don Stark shows up to do a quick spell that magically paralyzes the Leviathan for a few days. At least now we know they can be incapacitated.

Next week on Supernatural: The Leviathans make clones of Sam and Dean, which sounds like a ton of fun.

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