In just one week, Chuck will be back on TV for its fifth season. That’s such a long time to wait! Fortunately, there are plenty of distractions to help you pass the time until then. The most recent of these distractions is a Chuck season 5 promo video.

WARNING: The video contained in this article — as well as the commentary that surrounds such a video — might contain what some term “spoilers.” In fact, that’s likely. Should you be averse to such spoilery things, we suggest you don’t continue reading.

Click here to get a look at scenes from the Chuck season 5 premiere, “Chuck vs. the Zoom.”

The video shows scenes from several of the first Chuck season 5 episodes, interspersed with behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the cast. Click play below to watch it for yourself.

Did you get all that? Whether you failed to watch the video even once or whether you watched it a hundred times (we’d recommend the latter, should you have the time), here are some additional bits of information you might want.

  • There are three featured guest stars in the video: Carrie Anne Moss, Rebecca Romijn and Danny Pudi. While Moss will recur in at least three episodes this season (Episode 2, “Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit,” Episode 3, “Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips” and Episode 5, “Chuck vs. the Hack-Off”), Pudi and Romijn are each scheduled for only a single appearance, in episodes 5 (“Chuck vs. the Hack-Off”) and 6 (“Chuck vs. the Curse”), respectively.
  • The scenes of Zachary Levi directing, as well as the interviews with Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah) and Carrie Anne Moss (Gertrude Verbanski), were all taken during the filming of episode 5, “Chuck vs. the Hack-Off.”
  • Episodes featured in the video include episodes 1 (“Chuck vs. the Zoom”), 2 (“Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit”), 3 (“Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips”), 5 (“Chuck vs. the Hack-Off”) and 6 (“Chuck vs. the Curse”).
  • In case you were wondering, the return of General Beckman — seen at the end of the video — occurs in episode 3, “Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips.”

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Chuck season 5 begins on Friday, October 28 at 8pm.

(Image courtesy of NBC, video courtesy of NBC via ZacharyLeviFanDotCom on YouTube)

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