Warning: If you haven’t watched the first episode of The Walking Dead season 2, and don’t want to know about new characters and developments to come, turn back! Turn back now!

This Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Bloodletting,” will pick up where last week’s premiere left off: Carl (Chander Riggs) has been shot, to everyone’s surprise, and it immediately becomes Rick’s top priority to find help wherever he can, and as soon as possible.

And that’s how Rick and his group will come across the Greene family farm, which houses a new group of characters who will expand the world of the show while providing the main cast a safe haven — at least for a while.

“They think this is just a temporary thing,” Lauren Cohan tells TV Guide. Her character, Maggie Greene, daughter of patriarch Hershel (Scott Wilson), will be introduced in Sunday’s episode. “They’ve [the Greenes] been really sheltered. So when the group comes, they come with all of their energy and all of their news, and I think it takes the Greene family a minute to get their head around what the outside has really become.”

Cohan describes her character as “a bad ass when she has to be,” who’s also “caring and compassionate.” As readers of the Walking Dead comics know, Maggie will become Glenn’s (Steven Yuen) new, much-teased love interest, though the chemistry may play out a little differently than in the books. “They have this kindred connection,” Cohan says. “[She] and Glenn fall for each other and their relationship gives them both purpose in this kind of unique world.”

Hershel, a retired veterinarian, will lend his much-needed medical expertise to helping Carl, but has ideas about the larger epidemic that may clash with Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln).

And speaking of clashes, “Shane [Jon Bernthal] is a huge trouble maker,” says Cohan. “Shane’s character is just so volatile and that doesn’t help when they get to the farm. The question of what’s right is so constant through this whole thing. You need to respect the fact that this is Hershel’s farm, and yet, how do any of the old rules apply anymore?”

The focus may turn to the farm, but Sunday night’s “Bloodletting” won’t desert the rest of the group as they continue to search for Carol’s missing daughter Sophia, and everyone tries to figure out the best way to survive. Watch a sneak peek of a T-Dog and Dale interaction here, and check out photos from the episode below. Then tune in to AMC on Sunday at 9pm for the episode.

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