You’ve seen the trailers while some of you have probably read the juicy spoilers for Chuck season 3. But there are still more to discuss before the spy dramedy returns in January and luckily, executive producer Josh Schwartz has given a few hints on what to expect now that Chuck is a bona fide spy.

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead.

The Season Arc

Schwartz tells TV Guide that season 3 is all about Chuck shifting from man to spy and accepting his fate, as well as “stepping up into the thing that he felt like he was thrust into.” Unfortunately, Chuck embracing the spy world with open arms puts his family in even more danger and “that’s really going to be at the forefront this year.”

Chuck and Sarah

Plenty of good things are in store for Chuck and Sarah though Schwartz cautions fans not to expect any major developments at the start of the season as there are lots of hurdles that further complicate things.

“When we start off the season, it’s very clear that something traumatic has happened between Chuck and Sarah in the intervening time. You’ll eventually see what that was. As they start to realize that she is at the heart of whether or not he operates properly as a spy, it only complicates the relationship further. There’s really good internal barriers to them being a couple and there’s also external forces in the form of Brandon Routh and Kristin Kreuk,” Schwartz explained to TV Guide.

Chuck and Casey

Now that there’s a new and improved Chuck, thanks to the Intersect, Chuck will come across as the soldier that Casey is and “that’s going to really test Casey’s tolerance for this new Chuck.” Additionally, as Chuck gets more entrenched into the spy world, Casey gets more involved in the Buy More world.

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Kris De Leon

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