How does a show top killing off its main character? For Game of Thrones, that was the challenge after the shocking death of Ned Stark, but the show somehow managed to get even better.

They added freaking dragons. DRAGONS!

That’s right, the season finale of Game of Thrones saw the rise of two kings, the start of two wars, and the arrival of actual, living dragons, which makes me want to climb on a rooftop and scream: “AWESOME!”

Let’s look at the major events from the Game of Thrones season finale.

The Terrible Reign of King Joffrey

I’ve never rooted for a kid to be killed on a TV show before, but I’m willing to make an exception for this supremely awful tween. After ordering Ned Stark’s execution, Joffrey has a singer’s tongue cut out and then show’s Sansa her father’s head on a pike. Yes, he’s just a kid, but I hope Robb Stark finds him and makes his death slow and painful.

The Rise of King Robb

Robb wants revenge for his father’s death, vowing to “Kill them all.” And to do that, he’ll need an army, and he has one that’s willing to do anything he says, as they declare him the King of the North. The promise of seeing two kings battle for control in season 2 is quite exciting.

One Bad-Ass Widow

Ned Stark’s widow proves that she’s a total bad-ass, first by explaining to her son Robb that first they have to rescue her two daughters, and then they’ll kill them all. Later, when she confronts Jaime Lannister, she beats him with a rock, which is a good start for his punishment.

The New Hand of the King

There has been a lot of turnover this season in King’s Landing, but this newest twist is one I can get behind. Tyrion Lannister’s father, after realizing his dwarf son is pretty smart, assigns him to take over as the new Hand of the King to help guide Joffrey. Hooray for the imp!

The Rise of the Dragons

I’ve always been a bit annoyed by the Khal Drogo storyline because it never tied into the rest of the show, but all is forgiven now that there are dragons. The price Daenerys paid to rescue her Khal was the death of her baby, and even worse, Khal Drogo was only alive in a coma. The Khalisi, who has become increasingly great all season, suffocated him and burned him and the witch doctor on a funeral pyre, along with her three dragon eggs.

Daenerys then walked into the pyre, but the next morning, when everything was turned to ashes, Daenerys was magically alive, naked, and the eggs had hatched, leaving the Khalisi with three baby dragons.

I’ll say it one more time: DRAGONS! Game of Thrones is officially the coolest show on TV.

Now we’ll have a long wait for season 2, but with King Robb battling King Joffrey, Jon Snow and the Knight’s Watch heading into battle with the Whitewalkers, and the rise of Daenerys and her dragons, the season 1 finale was the perfect setup for a second season that can’t come soon enough.

OK, one last time. DRAGONS!!!

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