This week The Glee Project is all about theatricality, taking over the spotlight. With a Gaga challenge and a rock star music video, there are a lot of chances to be big, but some of the kids struggle with their insecurities. There’s also a lot of cattiness from the girls as Lindsay continues her crusade to be the show’s villain.

Bad Romance

This week’s theme is Theatricality, and the homework assignment is Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” judged by Wicked star (and Glee‘s former Vocal Adrenaline coach) Idina Menzel, who makes all of the theater geeks freak out. Alex, whose theatricality is the size of a small island nation, vows that he will die if he loses, but luckily he wins.

Bad Dancing

During dance rehearsal for the week’s music video, the claws come out as Damian and Ellis are singled out for their awful dance moves. In an unexpected twist, super awesome nerd Cameron is kind of great, and if you weren’t already completely in love with him, you are now.

Bad Girl

There are a lot of inadequacies showing during this week’s music video, but the worst moment comes when Ellis has to kiss a boy in the shoot, and it’s her first kiss, which Lindsay totally calls out to everyone. Congratulations, Lindsay, you are officially the show’s villain and the queen beeyotch of The Glee Project. That was further highlighted during a group chat with the girls where everyone essentially agreed that Lindsay is the mean girl, picking on Ellis because she’s the weak one who won’t fight back.

Bad Music Video

I thought the premiere’s music video for “Firework” was very well-made, but this week’s video is a disaster. Alex isn’t particularly strong as an actor in the opening, and the director is way too fond of extreme close-ups on the kids’ faces. I kind of loved Damian’s odd Irish punk, Ellis’ steamy liplock, Hannah’s divaliciiousness and Cameron’s cool factor. If it’s about who made the biggest impression, the loser is McKynleigh, because I don’t think she was even in the video.

Bad News for the Bottom 3

Ellis: She sings “Mack the Knife” by Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin. She’s helped by the fact that she knows the Bottom 3 process and she gets to sing a jazz song right in her wheelhouse. But as much as I love her as a person, it’s just kind of boring, but Ryan Murphy likes the idea of having a jazz girl on Glee.

Matheus: He sings “Gives You Hell” by The All-American Rejects. Choreographer Zach Woodlee hits the nail on the head when he calls Matheus “boy bander.” The performance is hard to listen to, but very fun to watch. Ryan Murphy wants to write a character whose 4’9”, but who has a ton of confidence and thinks he could get any girl. Um, I said the same thing last week, so you’re welcome, Glee writers, for me giving you a head start on a character for Matheus to play.

McKynleigh: She sings “Piece of My Heart” by Janis Joplin. There’s a little country twang, but she has no personality and Ryan Murphy says he has no idea what he’d write for her, which is a kiss of death.

Bad News for the Bad Attitude

I thought McKynleigh being boring would hurt her, but I was wrong. Ellis is eliminated, primarily due to her negative attitude. Aw, I’ll miss you, you snarky, sultry delight.

Next week on The Glee Project: The kids are asked to wear giant sandwich boards in public with something about themselves that makes them vulnerable. We see Alex wearing a sign that says “Gay,” and I can already feel myself getting awkward and uncomfortable.

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