Chuck returned tonight after two excellent episodes in a row, and as one would expect, the quality regressed a tad.  It had to, especially after the Bryce Larkin-starring episode last week.  Bryce was entirely absent tonight, but his name was bandied about by the main players.  Sarah Walker was as internally conflicted as we’ve ever seen her, Chuck’s neuroses grabbed hold of his being, we learned that Casey does have affection for some things, and we saw Morgan straddle that well-worn line between amusing and annoying. 

The assignment this week for the gang: investigate a billionaire named Lon Kirk, who owns a yacht in Marina Del Rey, and who is suspected of selling bill plates to a Taiwanese counterfeiter.  Chuck and Sarah go to a charity casino event on Lon’s yacht, don’t find out much (Chuck flashes on the counterfeiter), but Sarah lays the gauntlet down on Lon, and sets up a date on his ship the next day.  Chuck isn’t invited, but gets jealous and joins Casey as they survey Sarah and Lon on his yacht.  As Sarah gets oiled down and is about to head below deck with the billionaire, Chuck flashes wrongly on a crate on the yacht.  Casey calls in the team and they take down the boat.  The crate is full of donated medical supplies.  Sarah and Casey are taken off the case and meanwhile, Sarah is in turmoil over her lot in life, her loss of Bryce, the fact that Chuck is so confused, everything. 

Meanwhile, Morgan meets Anna’s parents, who are in from Taiwan.  They have dinner and go on a yacht cruise.  From the cruise, Morgan sends Chuck a picture from the boat, and Chuck flashes on a crate.  He, Sarah and Casey go investigate and, after an incident with a missile launcher, recover the goods.  Good guys win.  Sarah and Chuck make up, as friends.

That’s the plot.  Sarah has clearly chosen her job and her life protecting Chuck.  Which we all knew was going to happen.  The big news of the episode was the very end, which was alluded to in one of the first episodes, but was something I completely forgot about.  One of the DC handlers (the woman) called Casey at the tail end of the episode and told him that the Beta version of the new intersect was finished.  Once the final version is up and running, which it should be soon, Casey has his orders – eliminate Chuck.  Casey says OK.  Now, I don’t think Sarah knows about this, because she would definitely object.

Episode highlights:

Casey and his 1985 Crown Victoria – it was nice to get some Casey character development.

“Always bet on black.”  – Chuck cites Wesley Snipes from Passenger 57 for his quote.  I’ve recited that same quote literally hundreds of times.  It’s one of my favorites.  Long live Snipes.

Run DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis” – I’m not sure there’s a better Christmas song out there.  Is there?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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