Kim Rhodes as Carey Martin in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Kim Rhodes as Carey Martin

Carey Martin of Disney’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody is played by Kim Rhodes. A headlining singer at the Tipton Hotel, she is the mother of lively young twins, Zack and Cody. A divorced mother, she is hard-working and is stern when it comes to disciplining her children. She often scolds them for being unruly, but never fails to show them how much she loves her little boys.

Carey accidentally discovered her talent for singing when she was participating in a talent show, performing stand-up comedy. She then worked as a singer at the Tipton Hotel, where she was also given a suite to stay in, as a provision in her contract with the company. There, she lives with the two boys and is friends with other hotel staff and residents such as Maddie Fitzpatrick, the candy counter girl, Moseby the hotel manager, and London, the spoiled daughter of the owner of the hotel.

Hotel handyman Arwin Hawkhauser once had a crush on Carey, and sent her flowers without a card. Thinking that it was from Serge the concierge, Carey thanked Serge, who pretended to be the sender of the flowers. Serge and Carey then started dating, but Zack and Cody found out that Serge lied about the flowers and quickly revealed his dishonesty. Arwin told Carey his feelings for her, but was soon rejected by Carey. Arwin then went on to date another woman.

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Carey Martin