It looks like Prison Break is getting into a bit of a habit of bringing back people from the dead. First, Sara Tancredi was seen with her head stuffed in a box, only to return in one piece the next season. Now comes word that Charles Westmoreland (played by Muse Watson) will return to Prison Break next month, even though he appeared to have died when Michael first broke out of Fox River in season 1. Westmoreland is believed to be the long lost D.B. Cooper, an infamous airline hijacker with a huge fortune that was stashed away outside of the prison walls. While we’re at bringing people back from the (supposed) dead, can someone get me Paul Kellerman?

The details around Westmoreland’s return remain unclear but on the December 15th episode, Michael will unexpectedly encounter him while trying to uncover the mystery of Scylla.  Watson said on his official website that he only returns for one episode and only was back on set for one day.  Here’s what he said about reuniting with co-star Wentworth Miller: “Everyone else was on another location shooting so the entire day was Wentworth and I in every scene and visiting and catching up the stories we had not been able to tell each other for 3 years. It was great. We talked politics and religion with ease. The ease of talking about any subject made me miss our talks….and Prison Break.”  Anybody want to take bets that he appears in a dream sequence or hallucination of some kind since no other characters have interaction with him?

In other Prison Break casting news, Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Kathleen Quinlan will be joining the show. Quinlan has previously appeared in the films Apollo 13, Event Horizon, The Hills Have Eyes, and most recently, Made of Honor.  On Prison Break, she’ll play a high powered agent with The Company, perhaps someone that even The General takes orders from. Quinlan’s character will be a recurring role and will first appear on the December 22nd midseason finale.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

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