The sixth season of 24 left many fans feeling disappointed and underwhelmed, but the series has been off the air for so long that all of those bad memories have washed away.  Let’s clear our minds of the unresolved President Logan subplot and the fact that Chloe was seriously underused, because 24 season 7 is almost upon us.  Before the official start of the new season, FOX will air a special two-hour movie, entitled 24: Redemption, that’s meant to bridge the gap between seasons 6 and 7.  The movie airs on Sunday, November 23, with the official start of the season scheduled for Sunday, January 11.  24 will return with a two-hour season premiere, which will be followed by another two episodes on January 12.  After the big four-hour extravaganza, the series will continue in its usual time slot of Mondays at 9pm.

There are plenty of big changes taking place in season 7 of 24.  The show will return with a new location (Washington D.C.), new cast members and a new on-screen president.  Actress Cherry Jones will join the show as President Allison Taylor, who will hopefully be a more effective leader than Wayne Palmer.  Below you’ll find a list of other new cast members joining the series, along with their character descriptions.

• Janeane Garofalo, Annie Wersching, Jeffrey Nordling. Rhys Coiro and John Billingsley will play a team of FBI agents investigating a national security crisis.

• Bob Gunton will play White House Chief of Staff Ethan Kanin.

• Colm Feore will play First Gentleman Henry Taylor.

• Sprague Grayden (Jericho) will play the president’s daughter.

• Jon Voight will play the main villain of season 7, Jonas Hodges.

Returning cast members include Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe O’Brian), Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida) and James Morrison (Bill Buchanan).

24: Redemption takes place on inauguration day for the new president, and will follow the show’s standard real-time format.  While Jack is trying to stop an evil warlord from recruiting children in Sangala, Africa, Jonas Hodges stirs up trouble back in the United States.  24 season 7 will then kick off with Jack involved in a congressional hearing in Washington D.C., where he’s been called upon to answer for some of his brutal interrogation methods.

The first preview for season 7 was recently released online.  You can check it out below:

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the seventh season of 24 will live up to the greatness of the first five seasons.  At the very least, I demand the writers explain what happened to Charles Logan.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: FOX
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