This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries has it all. There’s a huge fight, relationship drama, family secrets revealed, the discovery of a way to kill an Original and, perhaps most important, plenty of naked Damon.

Here are my 10 favorite things about this week’s Vampire Diaries, “Daddy Issues.”

Damon Takes a Shower and the Bath

The episode starts with Damon naked in the shower, washing off the blood of Jessica while the sexy news lady on TV talks about the Mystic Falls Memorial for all the recently dead residents (aka this week’s town-wide social event du jour).

If Damon in the shower isn’t enough hot naked Damon action for you, the episode ends with him in the bath tub with the sexy reporter lady as he once again has an existential crisis. He vents about loving Elena and then takes a big bite out of her, but this time it seems his distraction might survive for more than one encounter.

John’s Spills the Beans

Uncle John is back and he starts his day by telling Aunt Jenna all about Elena’s biological parents, namely himself and Alaric’s ex. Jenna handles the news surprisingly well.

Tyler’s Choice

After Tyler learns all about the Salvatore vampires killing Mason, Stefan tries to talk him out of doing anything stupid. The whole episode is built around Tyler being forced to choose a side: his friends or his fellow werewolves. In the end it looks like he goes with the werewolves, but he’s clearly still on the fence about it.

Caroline Gets Kidnapped

In perhaps the most shocking moment ever, Caroline gets shot in the head by Jules and her werewolf boyfriend Brady. They take her, lock her in a cage and torture her for fun with a vervain-filled squirt gun. This Brady is not to be messed with.

The Vampire-Werewolf Fight

I love a good throwdown, and when the Salvatores come to rescue Caroline, they meet all of Jules’ other werewolf friends and proceed to kill almost all of them. It’s kind of lame that werewolves are so easily killed for most of the month.

Jonas to the Rescue

Remember how Bonnie could cause a vampire pain with her witchy magic? Well, Jonas can do the same to werewolves, coming in to save the brothers just as they’re about to die. Luka’s dad has turned into a pretty bad-ass dude, and I’d love to learn more about him.

Bonnie and Jeremy

In a weird twist, we see these two together throughout the episode, first when he puts his arm around her at the memorial and later when they’re laughing and having dinner at the Grill. I thought these two were done, but it looks like Jeremy still has a shot.

Caroline’s Relationships End

After being tortured, Caroline has to lie to Matt about where she was, but her lie is easily exposed, meaning Matt is once again going to doubt their relationship. As for the other boy who kissed her last week, Caroline officially ends her friendship with Tyler after he refused to help while his new friends were torturing her.

The Killing Dagger

After a lot of waiting, John finally gives Damon a little help by offering a dagger and a jar of tree ash. If the dagger is dipped in the ash and plunged into an Original’s heart, it can kill him. Allegedly. Let’s be honest, Uncle John can never be trusted.

Uncle John’s Real Secret

So why is Uncle John really back? In the final scene he heads down to the Tomb and promises Katherine that he’s looking for a way to get her out. As I said, he can never be trusted.

Next week on The Vampire Diaries: Elena and Stefan go camping, but the romantic getaway is ruined when werewolves show up to kill him.

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