The end if almost here for Celebrity Big Brother and everyone is trying to get to the finale. Of course since we know that five HGs will still be there on Sunday, it’s unclear how the Final 2 will be chosen, but two more people won’t get there with a double eviction on Friday. After Metta asked to leave on Monday, who’s next on the chopping block?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Celebrity Big Brother spoilers.

Mark is the new HoH.

He nominated Brandi and Ariadna.

This is hardly a surprise. Mark and James are clearly a pair and they are committed to their Final 4 with Ross and Marissa. But Ross and Marissa are still torn between them and their original Final 4 with Brandi and Ariadna. They’ve been pushing for Omarosa to be the target, but James and Mark are more threatened by Brandi.

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However, Mark did tell Ross and Marissa that if the Power of Veto is used, Omarosa would be the replacement nominee. That’s music to their ears as it means they could save their two friends and go into a Final 6 where Brandi and Ariadna are going against Mark and James, leaving Ross and Marissa safe in the middle.

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The Power of Veto could definitely have a big impact this week. If the nominations stay the same, Brandi is almost certainly gone. If it’s used, will Omarosa be able to sway Mark into nominating Ross or Marissa, or will Lady O be evicted? No matter what happens, it seems like Brandi or Omarosa are the two likeliest people to be evicted next, perhaps with Ariadna as a distant third option.

FUN FACT: Marissa is now the only HG this season who hasn’t been nominated. In the last six seasons (not counting Over the Top) the last person to be nominated has won the game four times (Ian, Andy, Derrick and Nicole), with runner-up Paul and fifth-place Austin as the others.

Who do you want to go home in seventh place?

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