Celebrity Big Brother finally premiered, and afterwards the 24/7 live feeds turned on. The first full night of feeds started off slowly, with the HGs playing charades and watching the fish tank. But then things got interesting thanks to the combination of alcohol and gameplay.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers from the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds.

First, to catch you up on the major events, Keshia Knight Pulliam received the Recast Power and used it, replacing Shannon Elizabeth as the HoH. Keshia then nominated James Maslow and Chuck Liddell. Shannon won the PoV and decided not to use it.

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Drunk Brandi

The biggest drama on the feeds came from Brandi Glanville’s fondness for champagne and her increasingly poor decisions. She caused a bit of drama during a game of charades when she tried to get people to guess the film Jumanji by acting out the first syllable, “Jew,” and gesturing towards Marissa and her nose. Things only got worse when the HGs talked about the new Jumanji film and Drunk Brandi said that The Rock is “a cheater,” to which the other HGs immediately added “allegedly” and urged her to take back. Drunk Brandi also called Keshia “Rudy,” her character from The Cosby Show.

The game also got involved when Drunk Brandi confronted Chuck and James, accusing them of plotting against her and trying to convince Shannon to nominate her. This is when her many allies (there is, indeed, an all-female alliance that also includes Ross Mathews). They rushed her inside to bed because Shannon got very upset about how Brandi was throwing her under the bus as the only way Brandi could know that is if Shannon told her.

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The members of Brandi’s alliance grew very concerned that her drunkenness was potentially hurting their game. Shannon, Omarosa, Ariadna and Ross took Brandi into the bedroom to get her to sleep it off. However, that didn’t happen until after Brandi placed a butternut squash on her bed and squatted over it in a very lewd and suggestive way. Omarosa would later retell this incident to Keshia as Brandi trying to “ride the squash.”

Drunk Brandi was entertaining, but a total trainwreck and a major liability moving forward for the women. Her alliance did damage control with the men, but it’s definitely causing concern for people like Shannon and Omarosa.

Do you think the HGs should get rid of Brandi or keep her around?

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