Siggly Flicker has already moved on from drama now that she has officially left The Real Housewives of New Jersey but there was a time when she not only had strained relationships with the cast but had a crumbling marriage as well.

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“Michael told me ‘it is either me or the show,” Flicker revealed to Radar about her husband’s threat. “He and my kids hated seeing what the show was doing to me! When you are in a toxic environment at work it affects every part of your life. An unhappy job was making me an unhappy wife and mom.”

Season eight of The Real Housewives of New Jersey took an emotional toll on Flicker, who described herself as the outsider of the season, suggesting that almost everyone turned against her. She also called her co-stars poison and claimed she was a victim of bad editing.  

“Michael said to me I had to get happy. He said I couldn’t continue with the negativity. It was breaking me down. Breaking my marriage down,” Flicker said. “Michael told me that if I had stayed on the show one more season our marriage would have ended. Everyone was so unhappy.”

Flicker ‘s husband’s ultimatum served as a wake-up call which resulted to her decision to leave right after filming the RHONJ reunion. 

“When Michael, who I love to the ends of the earth, tells me I’m not happy, he’s right! And now that I’m done with the show he is still supporting me,” she added.

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Dean Bextor

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