For the third time since the Celebrity Big Brother HGs moved in, CBS turned on the live feeds for a quick, 15-minute sneak peek at what’s happening inside the house while we wait for the show to premiere.

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This time around, we found out that two of the HGs are enduring a rather embarrassing punishment, complete with silly costumes. And there were even more clues about who the first HoH might be.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers from the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds.

The feeds came on to a rather pleasant sight as James Maslow was getting out of the shower. However, it turns out he was taking an extra long shower because he received a punishment.

James and Ariadna Gutierrez are dressed in baby onesies and apparently they have to crawl around on their knees everywhere they go. James stayed in the shower as long as possible because it’s the only time he’s allowed to stand up. And Ariadna is having knee problems, icing it down while helping Marissa with her hair and make-up.

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It’s unclear why these two are being punished, but it may have to do with the recent Power of Veto competition. Or maybe It’s because, as the only two HGs in their 20s, they are the “babies” of the house. Either way, it’s nice to see that, in week 1, the show is already adding silly costumes and making the celebrities do ridiculous things.

Not much else happened in this sneak peek. Ross and Brandi cooked some lunch, eventually being joined by Chuck. Metta World Peace actually spoke, though he quickly went to the gym by himself.

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We did see Ariadna, Marissa, Keshia and Shannon in the HoH room. They even talked about whether or not they were allowed to be in the HoH room during the sneak peek, heavily implying that it may spoil something. One of them almost certainly won the first HoH, with Shannon possibly having the key around her neck. If so, there’s a chance Shannon won the first HoH and PoV, quickly asserting herself as a dominant competitor.

Who are you more excited to see in a onesie: James or Ariadna?

Celebrity Big Brother premieres Wednesday, February 7 at 8/7c on CBS. For more updates, like BuddyTV’s Big Brother Facebook page.

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