Beckett gets a little more than just some investigative assistance when the handsome Scotland Yard detective Simon Hunt (guest star Brett Tucker) teams up with Castle and Beckett to find the murderer of his friend’s daughter. Charles Shaughnessy also guest-stars as Nigel Winthrop, the Deputy General of the British Consulate, a man who might be up to more than ambassadorial balls and diplomatic luncheons. While all this is going on, Lanie gives Beckett some advice about going after Castle — before it’s too late. “The Limey” airs on Monday, April 2 at 10pm on ABC.

#21 Castle and Beckett get a surprise.


#20 Not an unpleasant surprise though…


#19 Shield yourselves from the hotness!


#18 Guest star Brett Tucker (Spartacus, Off the Map) really is very nice looking.


#17 Beckett manages to stay all-business despite this.


#16 Simon Hunt (Brett Tucker) puts on clothes. Boo.


#15 Time to discuss the case?


#14 Beckett and Castle look unconvinced.


#13 What a handsome sad puppy dog!


#12 Beckett and Simon Hunt talk to British Consulate Deputy General Nigel Winthrop.


#11 Guest star Charles Shaughnessy (The Nanny, Days of Our Lives) as Nigel Winthrop


#10 Simon Hunt escorts Beckett to the ball. How does Castle feel about this?


#9 Nigel Winthrop greets a guest.


#8 Winthrop approaches Beckett.


#7 Oh, how very debonair of him!


#6 A toast to flirting and whatever investigation Beckett is totally doing


#5 Time for a dance


#4 I think he likes her.


#3 Snack time!


#2 What has happened?


#1 Winthrop has been left alone on the dance floor.