This NCIS episode involves SECNAV in what seems like a routine investigation. I guess if you have the kind of power he has, you can tell NCIS when you want to be involved in an op, especially if they might be going after an old friend.

Attempted Assassination – Maybe

Gibbs and DiNozzo are guarding SECNAV Jarvis at a rehearsal of a speech he’s going to give. Also in attendance is Jarvis’s longtime friend Phillip Wickes, who’s the head of a steel company that just lost a lucrative Navy contract and will probably go under because of it. I think if my bestie had just caused me to lose millions of dollars, I wouldn’t exactly feel like chatting about old times while the lighting is being adjusted. But these two seem pretty chummy. That is, until a gunman shoots Jarvis point blank in the chest. How did Gibbs miss that coming?

Not Dead Yet

Jamie Lee Curtis is back as Dr. Samantha Ryan, and she’s hanging out in a hospital room with the ‘shooter.’ Turns out that Gibbs hasn’t lost his touch and the whole attempted assassination episode was planned in cooperation with SYOPS, hence the good doctor’s involvement. The op is designed to determine if Wickes is involved in a scheme to blackmail Jarvis into stopping the Navy’s Green Initiative, which just so happens to be the thing that’s going to put Wickes out of business. But isn’t that just a little too obvious of an answer this early in the episode? Seems like this is all more of an excuse to get Dr. Ryan on a case with Gibbs again, and it’s a thin excuse at that. I’m pretty sure that a regular investigation by the team would have been sufficient, albeit less dramatic.


Ziva notices that Gibbs has a certain spring in his step when Dr. Ryan is around. That’s without even overhearing their conversations about what color sweater she wore to his house or whether he prefers syrup or powdered sugar on his pancakes. It doesn’t help that Dr. Ryan flat out tells Gibbs he needs more sex within Abby’s earshot. Poor Gibbs sounds like he’s not getting any benefit from all the grief he’s taking from her.

Hush Money

After some crack cyber-investigating by McGee, we find out that Wickes is innocent and it’s his half-brother company lawyer who’s behind everything. Apparently the government has a secret fund to pay off people who see things they shouldn’t, and it’s been accruing interest in a forgotten bank account, ripe for the taking. This seems odd to me. Doesn’t the government just disavow these kinds of claims and make the accusers look crazy? Sounds like a more fiscally conservative way to go than pay-offs.

This was the second appearance of Dr. Ryan and I’m still not sure about her. I like Jamie Lee Curtis and the character. However, I don’t think Gibbs belongs with her. She’s too cerebral. Gibbs needs someone that leads from the gut, not the head.

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