A contestant on the reality show, “Night of Dance,” is murdered and the team must wade through her deceiving life in order to discover the truth. The victim, Odette, began acting strangely after surviving a train crash about a year prior to her death. As her peers began to take notice, she blackmailed them into keep their mouths shut. No one realized that Odette Morton actually died in the train crash and her doppelganger, Barbara, who had been in training to impersonate Odette to keep her out of legal trouble, took over her identity. The story ends with the family financial advisor, who was also Odette’s ex-boyfriend, confessing to murdering Barbara, thinking he was getting revenge on Odette for keeping the money she received in inheritance after she had her father killed. Here are the top 10 tweets about “A Dance with Death.”

Recap: “A Dance with Death”

#10. @Mon_Daze

“Fauxdette” is still one of my favorite lines of this ep. #Castle #DoTheCastle

Castle writers, have you been watching Fringe because this reminds me of Fauxlivia? Not that I am complaining; I think it is hilarious. A Castle/Fringe crossover would be the weirdest thing.

#9. @DabulTONE

Ouch #Castle, that Brian Dunkleman reference was wicked!

– Wicked, but effective. I’m not going to lie, I had to Google him to figure out who he was.

#8. @Tyleralesia95

Beckett’s wardrobe is getting girlier 🙂 I love it, she looks adorable. @RedCarpetLuke, great job! #Castle #DoTheCastle

– There have been a few wardrobe pieces of hers that are hard to forget, with good reason; she looks great in color. Along with the purple plaid from season three, I place the beautiful blue shirt from tonight.

#7. @Dublcheez

I’ve never watched #Castle before but it seems to be quite amusing.

– Hopefully, this means you will be joining the fandom every week. I promise we are nice people despite our obsessiveness. Spread the word.

#6. @LaneseG

#Castle has to be one of the best-written shows on TV. Each week has more plot twists than I ever could have imagined.

– So true for this week. Every time I think I have the murderer figure out … huge twist!

#5. @Stringertheory

Let us all take a moment to dwell on the fact that Ryan’s wedding band fits Esposito’s finger. #BromanceForever #Castle

– These two have the craziest contests and games and I support their friendship whole-heartedly. I would love a flashback to the beginning of their relationship to see whether or not they were always like this.

#4. @Safeword_apples

Nathan looks quite salacious. #DoTheCastle #Castle

– Doesn’t he always. I love when Castle fans bring up past episode lines or interviews (as is the case here with this year’s Paley Fest panel). It shows a level of involvement and passion missing from many shows’ fan base nowadays.

#3. @Tyleralesia95

Beckett wanted to be Chief Justice. I knew she would help!!! Beckett to the rescue. #Castle #DoTheCastle

– I think even if Beckett’s mother hadn’t been murdered, she would have ended up in a career pursuing justice. She is a moral compass that way and wants to make a difference in the world.

#2. @_Noome_

Wow … that was a heck of a smile when #Castle handed her the coffee! #DoTheCastle

– Beckett was so smiley in this episode; it was great to see. But, I think they were trying to get that all out before the havoc is brought next week. 

#1. @Safeword_apples

After THAT promo, how am I supposed to breathe, think or sleep? @AndrewWMarlowe are u trying to kill us? If so, you are succeeding. #Castle

Castle promos are the number one way to put me in a frenzy. Why has time travel not been invented yet? I don’t think I can wait.

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