At the center of this week’s Castle episode, “The Blue Butterfly,” there was a necklace. It was a very sparkly and pretty necklace. People killed, gave up everything and even died to get their hands on it. Maybe it was cursed, but no one cares about that, do they?

Hopefully not. Because the good people at Castle are now auctioning off the Blue Butterfly necklace for charity.

The necklace, a prop from the Castle episode, “The Blue Butterfly,” is being sold on eBay by ABC, with the proceeds going to charity. Between now and February 14, 2012, you can bid on the necklace — if you have the money. The price will surely rise over the next few days, but the asking price as of this writing is already $2425.

That’s a lot of money for a piece of paste jewelry.

Click here to bid on the Blue Butterfly necklace.

On the other hand, it is a prop from Castle, which is cool. The necklace was created by Castle costume designer Luke Reichle specifically for the episode and is therefore the one worn by Stana Katic throughout “The Blue Butterfly.” With the pendant alone measuring 4×4 inches, however, this is not a piece of jewelry that screams subtlety. Alas, the necklace also does not feature the fabled blue diamonds. Much like its fictional counterpart, the Blue Butterfly up for auction is costume jewelry.

Along with the necklace, the winning bidder will receive a black necklace case and an Official Studio Certificate of Authenticity.

In the Castle episode, “The Blue Butterfly,” the necklace is at the center of multiple murders — two deaths in the 1940s and one in the present-day. Castle and Beckett stumble upon the connection to the old murders when a treasure hunter in search of the Blue Butterfly gets himself killed. The story is partially set in an imaginary 1947-world filled with mobsters, gumshoes and dames — a world in which the Blue Butterfly necklace looks right at home.

Would such a necklace work in your home? Maybe you can find out…

The Blue Butterfly necklace from Castle will be available on eBay until February 14.

(Image courtesy of ABC)

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