Welcome to the season finale of The Voice season 5! Just a few months ago, we were watching — and hearing — Will Champlin, Tessanne Chin and Jacquie Lee for the first time. Now, one of them will be the winner.

What does the winner get? Not only the title of season 5 winner, but $100,000 and a record deal with Universal Republic.

I predicted Tessanne Chin as this season’s champ, but it’s going to be a long night before we get to see whether she does or not because the finale is two hours. 

To help fill in the time, The Voice has invited some stars to perform. Celine Dion will take the stage with Ne-Yo for “Incredible.” Lady Gaga will perform “Do What U Want.” (Will there be an appearance from R. Kelly?) And OneRepublic will sing their song “I Lived.”

Speaking of OneRepublic, lead singer Ryan Tedder was an adviser for Team Adam this season, and he penned the song that the champ will sing once he/she is named. It’s the first time that The Voice winner will be singing an original song after being crowned.

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Here’s to a fun night. Follow along one last time as we wrap up season 5.

Welcome to The Voice live blog!

Well, Cee Lo and Christina definitely have the same stylist for the night. She’s also all ignoring the camera and looking grumpy. Smile, you have a singer in the finale!

I’m noticing this for the first time, but there’s totally a camera-bomber during Will’s finale performance. Who is that man who steps down into the view of the camera? Bizarre.

I definitely don’t think I hit refresh or something when I checked the charts because Carson said (and I know some of you commented) that Will hit the top 10, but I didn’t see him there at all. So it sounds like Will isn’t looking in from the outside after all.

The Top 20 (“Tonight is the Night”)

Hey, it’s all the rejects. I definitely forgot a lot of these people.

Looks like James is sporting a not-on-the-show-anymore beard. And Shelbie Z isn’t even singing into the microphone. Long hair, don’t care. 

It’s kind of weird that the three finalists are separate from the previously eliminated artists, like they’re not good enough to occupy the same space together.

Post-performance, Cee Lo describes his outfit as disco balls. I feel like he belongs in a circus. If I was a child, I’d be entertained by just looking at him. I’m glad he has his time to speak on the finale. I don’t remember him doing so Monday night. Christina looks like she rubbed a ballon on her head right before she came out to her seat.

The coaches should open Blake’s gifts live on television. I’d be up for that rather than the Lady Gaga performance. I mean, what?

Jacquie’s Bring Back Performance (“Bohemian Rhapsody”)

She asks Matthew, Caroline, Cole and James back. She selects all the best remaining singers. One of these is not like the other …. Caroline. Queen. Okay. Even she has this moment of, what am I singing?

Okay, this performance is ridiculous. They sound great at times, and then it’s just Friday night karaoke in college at other times.

An entire segment on Adam’s sexiness? Yes, please. The Voice has definitely raised his hotness level because he also has a great personality. Who doesn’t love that, too?!

Tessanne and Celine Dion (“Love Can Move Mountains”)

Wow, Celine looks goooood. What’s she been up to recently, other than recording duets with Ne-Yo? 

I don’t know what else to say about OneRepublic other than their songs are so catchy. I also hope the original song for the winning artist is truly original. Wasn’t there something about Kelly Clarkson and Beyonce having similiar-ish ballads, and it turned out Tedder wrote them both?

Oh, Cee Lo. He comes off as poignant and meaningful, but at the same time he says some crazy things. How does he not make himself laugh, ever?

Ray, Preston, Matthew, Nick and Josh (“Treasure”)

Uh, does the show realize that this can be the next boy band? And how come Matthew sounds better in his two performances tonight than he did the final two weeks he was on the show?

Did Ray ever wear anything other than a blazer? Ever?

Will’s Bring Back Performance (“Wagon Wheel”)

Will asks Jonny, Cole, Caroline and Austin to perform with him. Not surprising that Cole and Caroline have been asked back twice. I’m surprised Will selects a country song, but he probably thought everyone could pull it off.

I miss Caroline. Tell me again why she didn’t do some Lana Del Rey or Sara Bareilles’ “Gravity”?

I love this compilation of Christina singing to the artists, telling them what to do. Because I picture she sings more than talks/coaches her artist. She should just talk in song.

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Jacquie and Paramore (“Ain’t It Fun”)

For a moment, I thought Hayley Williams was Kat. Speaking of, is she here tonight? I’m sure she is, but I don’t remember seeing her.

I’ve never seen Jacquie have this fun much on stage. I know the pressure is off, so that might have a lot to do with it, but I wish I saw more of her dancing around on stage and letting loose during the competition.

Shelbie, Stephanie, Kat, Amber, Grey and Tamara (“My Life Would Suck Without You”)

Oh, there’s Kat. 

They’re all very festive. I realize that although I think all these women are super talented, I can take just about a little bit of them at a time. But I would like to see a very angry Kat version of this entire song.

That’s nice of Christina to give them a standing ovation.

Hey, I did this Universal Studios tour when I was little. Fun times. Definitely without Whoville, though. Jealous. I love how Tessanne and Jacquie are laughing and giggling and Will is just standing there somewhat bewildered.

This is the car-revealing performance. Will wants the SUV because he has a baby girl. I was wondering whether Jacquie even has her license! But she says she doesn’t have a car, so that implies she might have a license. 

Winning would mean everything to you, Jacquie? Really? I had absolutely no idea. Is this 16-year-old going to sweep away Adam’s two competitors?

Celine Dion takes the stage again with Ne-Yo. It’s alright. This is the first time I’m hearing this song.

Will and Aloe Blacc (“Wake Me Up”)

Sooo sick of this song now because it’s so overplayed on the radio. Yes, I still listen to the radio during my commute. Oh, and Caroline performed it just this season, people!

I would’ve preferred Blacc’s other well-known song “I Need a Dollar.” 

Tessanne’s Bring Back Performance (“Hold On, I’m Coming”)

I’m a little surprised at Tessanne’s choices with James, Preston, Olivia and Grey. Not that I don’t think they’re bad by any means, just find it interesting that’s who she selects. And, yeah, she doesn’t need to remind us that James’ best performance was “A Case of You.”

Whenever I’m sad, I am now going to think about Blake’s hip thrusts. Cole can moonwalk??? He is so hilarious. He’s like the drunk uncle.

I first saw this Lady Gaga performance on Saturday Night Live, and it’s still about as uncomfortable as back then. And Christina joins her for the duet. At least there won’t be dry humping between these two like Gaga and R. Kelly. Wait, right?

But this is a lot of diva on stage. They should record a duet. 

And how else to end that performance than linking arms for a drink of champagne?

This is the first time these two have met? Superstars in the same industry don’t just hang out in their mansions on the weekends? I guess Christina’s a mom now, so that probably limits her partying. Christina’s super quick to leave the stage, though.

And the Winner is …

Here we go!

The artist in third place Will Champlin! Aww, I got excited when it turned out he did make the top 10 on iTunes.

The winner of The Voice season 5 is Tessanne Chin

Her cry out is amazing, as is getting scared about those fireworks. Alright, quiet down, I want to hear this original song. It’s titled “Tumbling Down.” 

Not really a good time to judge the song after this incredible moment in her life.

Well, that’s it for the season! Thanks so much for following along since September and always offering your input. The season is over for now, but filming for season 6 is already underway with auditions around the country, which premieres Monday, February 24 at 8pm on NBC.

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