Emily Wickersham has been given a promotion on NCIS. With Breaking Bad now over, Anna Gunn is moving on over to The Mindy Project. And Jane Krakowski will be showing up on Modern Family. Read on for all the details, including casting news for Community, The Following, Sleepy Hollow, Castle, The Tomorrow People, The Crazy Ones, The Blacklist and The Good Wife.

Emily Wickersham promoted to series regular on NCIS: She originally signed for only for three episodes. But things are looking up, as she’s now a regular, essentially replacing Ziva. Her character is Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop, an NSA analyst who “specializes on international threat assessment and global preparation,” as reported by Deadline. Her first episode airs on November 19.

Anna Gunn goes from Breaking Bad to The Mindy Project: Being on a comedy will be a nice change of pace for the actress who played Skyler White. She’s playing Sheila Hamilton in episode 13, according to E! Online, and Mindy calls her the “Tory Burch of Manhattan OB/GYNs.” Sheila is known for treating those who are well-known and famous, and she’ll try to steal away Mindy from Shulman & Associates. It seems fine at first since Gunn’s character is her idol. But the crush can’t last for long.

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan steps in front of the camera on Community: Gunn isn’t the only Bad one showing up on comedies. The creator himself is guest starring in an episode of Community that is expected to air sometime in the latter half of winter or early spring. His character is a “smooth-talking gold digger,” reports Entertainment Weekly, but he ends up making things worse during a fight between Abed and Annie.

Jane Krakowski, Jesse Eisenberg and John Benjamin Hickey on Modern Family: Episode 11 (“Under Pressure”) will feature some big name guest stars. The former 30 Rock star has been cast as Dr. Donna, who’s a parent at Manny’s school. E! Online notes that things get a bit tense when she and Gloria cross paths — this should be epic to watch. Einenberg’s character is Asther, who’s a huge eco-friendly neighbor to Mitch and Cam. And one of the members of the Dunphy family will be visiting a therapist, played by Hickey.

Jacinda Barrett is a mystery on The Following: She was one of the stars on the short-lived Zero Hour, but now she’s stepping into a recurring role on The Following as Julia, who TVLine describes¬†as a “very disarming and alluring woman” whose plans remain a secret and a mystery to the regulars on the show, causing some changes to occur.

David Fonteno goes from being a judge to a reverend on Sleepy Hollow: We all know him as a judge on The Good Wife, but on the hit FOX drama he’ll be a man of God. TVLine reports that in episodes 9 and 10, a secret will come out that Captain Frank Irving has been seeking the help and advice of none other than Fonteno’s Reverend Boland.

Alexandra Chando takes on Lindsay Lohan on Castle: The Lying Game alum will show up in the first episode back after the winter hiatus (episode 11). Her character has a huge meltdown in the public eye — she’s a sort of “Lindsay Lohan/Miley Cyrus type” figure, if it wasn’t already obvious. The show’s creator, Andrew W. Marlow, told TVLine, “It’s a good, fun character.”

Alex Vega is no longer a Kid on The Tomorrow People: The girl we all remember from the Spy Kids movies has been cast as Hillary Cole, described by Zap2It as a “ruthless, paranormal version of Tracy Flick [from Election],” who’s recruited into ULTRA to be a supernatural agent and ends up as Stephen Jameson’s rival. She first show up in episode 11.

Missi Pyle and Kurt Fuller to guest star on The Crazy Ones: They’ll appear in the same episode, with Pyle playing a daughter of one of Simon’s former colleagues named Melora Evans, according to EW, and Fuller as Mitchell Payson, who wants to hire Lewis, Roberts & Roberts.

William Sadler, Andrew Dice Clay and Justin Kirk on The Blacklist: As reported by EW, Salder has been cast as Sam, who Agent Keen knows, and he decides to seek out her help. Clay has a connection to the Blacklist — he’s a plastic surgeon and ends up doing some work on a criminal’s face. Who’s this criminal? That’s what Keen and Reddington are trying to find out. And speaking of which, Kirk is yet another one of the names on the list.

Jordana Spiro is a detective on The Good Wife: And there’s a chance this will be a recurring role for her. Her character is Jenna, and TVLine describes her as “comfortable in her own skin (in fact, comfortable in a lot of people’s skin).” You know that saying about mixing business with pleasure? Well, that’s very much who Jenna is. Her first episode airs on December 1.

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