On this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, One couple calls it quits. Damon orchestrates a plan to bring Bonnie back from the dead. Katherine finds out shocking news from Nadia. Elena receives a nasty threat. And Tessa reappears to retrieve an object Silas desires.

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College Gets Creepier

Dr. Maxfield seems more like Dr. Frankenstein as he performs experiments on Jesse. This smells suspiciously like a possible Buffy/Initiative storyline as he remarks that his one-time lab assistant is shaping up to be the perfect candidate. For what remains a mystery for now, but it can’t be anything good.

Elena has resumed her charade as a “normal” college student at the bequest of Bonnie. She’s also writing in her diary again. She’s become as inconsistent in her journaling over the years as in her education.

Caroline is dealing with her grief by having non-stop sex with Tyler, despite the fact he blew both her and college off via voicemail. While Caroline has her distraction, Elena is back to playing Nancy Drew. She still wants to know why the good professor covered up the true cause of Megan’s death. Let’s not forget that Sheriff Forbes and the entire Town Council of Mystic Falls have been covering up vamp-caused death for years. When living in Mystic Falls, Elena found it convenient. Here at Whitmore College, it’s cause for suspicion. Plot hole aside, the guy is up to something, so her instincts are correct.

With it being Halloween, it’s appropriate that the entire gang is attending the Whitmore costume ball. Attendees dress up as famous historical figures. This show is super big on balls.

Elena spots a forlorn-looking stranger at Megan’s memorial and finds out they were childhood friends. He’s understandably surly and therefore not very forthcoming. He does express skepticism at the idea of Megan committing suicide. Lots of new characters being introduced in the first five episodes which enables the writers to kill off a hefty number of secondary characters, leaving the leads safe and sound.

The Fugitives

Nadia and Silas continue to bicker over Katherine. Katherine even suggests that Nadia hand her over so Silas can take a sip or two and regain his mortality. Nadia informs Katherine that Silas has to drain her dry (good to the last drop). Nadia’s plans for Katherine have yet to be revealed, but she doesn’t appear to have any intention of lingering in Mystic Falls, at least not with Silas around.

Bringing Back Bonnie

Damon, who’s not happy unless he’s scheming, is focusing his attention on trying to bring Bonnie back from the dead. Since Silas wants to die, he wants to trade the 2,000-year-old immortal’s life for Bonnie’s. To die, he has to be mortal, and if he’s mortal, he’s a witch. This would place him in the supernatural purgatory Tessa created. I can’t help but wonder every time this subject comes up why viewers have been denied a reunion between Jeremy, Elena and Jenna. She was a vampire when she died. I digress.

Dropping the veil and letting all the things that go bump in the night out is a bust, but never underestimate The Vampire Diaries writers. There’s always a Plan B or an exception. Bonnie suspects Silas now wants to destroy Tessa’s creation completely. She says powerful spells are bound by something even more powerful like the moon, a comment or a doppelganger. This is known as a “mystical anchor.”

Damon questions if Silas is able to destroy the other side, cure himself and, once he becomes a witch, do a spell that swaps his life for Bonnie’s. Bonnie says it’s possible, but not only is Silas ruthless, but whatever spell he could do, there would be some consequences because there always are. She would know, given she’s now a ghost that only Jeremy can see and speak to after she brought him back from the great beyond. Not to mention all the dead witches she pissed off the first time she brought him back after Sheriff Forbes shot him. She refuses, but Jeremy lies to Damon and says she’s good to go. Jeremy is able to sweet-talk Bonnie into giving it the old college try.

Damon meets with Silas, and the immortal is down with the plan. There’s just one caveat: Damon has to kill Stefan.

Girl Talk

Katherine has had more than Klaus on her tail for the past 500 years. It turns out Nadia has been keeping up with her comings and goings as well. She says if Katherine answers a few questions, she’ll let her go. Quid pro quo. Nadia has a special interest in the role Katherine played in selling out the Mystic Falls vampires in exchange for her own escape, particularly Pearl.

This isn’t the first time Katherine pulled such a maneuver. Nadia’s mother took Katherine in back in the 17th century when she was on the run from Klaus. When his men showed up looking for her, Katherine turned over Nadia’s mother to save herself. This left poor Nadia, like Anna, an orphan. She became a vampire so she would have all the necessary tools to track down Katherine and exact vengeance. Realizing Nadia has no intention of freeing her, Katherine finds a way to escape. 

Martyr May I?

At the ball, Damon confronts Elena. Ever since finding out her best friend is dead, she’s been distant. As usual, it is guilt that is Elena’s primary emotion. She feels bad that she was having a fantastic summer while her BFF was no longer. Elena had the same issue when she found out where Stefan spent his summer vacation.

Even though Damon tries to convince Elena she’s allowed to have fun and that Jeremy was lying to her the entire time, she’s still convinced she should have figured it out sooner. Even though one has absolutely nothing to do with the other, she uses the circumstances surrounding Bonnie’s death as an excuse not to let Megan’s death fall through the cracks.

An Unusual Suspect

Megan’s mystery friend shows up at the ball, and Elena cuts to the chase. She compels him to find out if he killed Megan. He says no. This isn’t enough for this amateur detective. Elena wants to know why he’s acting so “shady.” He tells her that everyone around him dies: his friends, his family. It’s like a curse. I can’t decide whether this means he showed up in the exact right place or the wrong one. He tells Elena if she knew anything about survivor’s guilt (ironic), she’d leave him alone. This exchange satisfies Elena. We also find out his name is Aaron (Shaun Sipos).

Hide and Seek

For some inexplicable reason, Tessa makes an appearance at the ball. This allows Silas and Damon to set in motion whatever plan they’ve concocted. Damon takes his brother into an empty room and breaks his neck. This severs the link that Tessa created between Silas and Stefan. Now, Silas can do all of his mind tricks again. When Stefan wakes up, will his memories be restored? Silas poses as Stefan and cozies up to his ex. He figures he can dig around in her head and find out where she’s hiding the anchor. Once Silas knows her plan, he compels her to forget their conversation.

After some drinks and dancing, he decides to reveal himself. Only Tessa doesn’t know where the anchor is, either. The travelers hid it after they killed her. Tessa’s purpose for attending this particular college function is to get a magic talisman that is on display. It enhances her powers, and once she has it, she can do a locator spell to find the anchor. She might want to spend a little less time downing tequila shots and more time looking. 

Mommy Dearest

As Nadia tries to work a large piece of wood out of her chest in a dark alley, Katherine returns and tells Nadia she knows her story was a lie, sort of. Katherine did kill Nadia’s mother by hanging her in 1492. Funny, that’s roughly the time Kitty Kat turned herself into a vamp to escape Klaus. That’s right, Katherine, it’s a girl. The one her father took from her all those centuries ago minutes after she was born. One of the best twists ever! Hopefully, it isn’t a hoax.

Dr. Jekyll

Slow dances seem to be like Spanish Fly when it comes to true confessions. When Elena and Dr. Maxfield take to the floor, she confronts him about Megan’s death certificate. In return, he warns her that there are people at the school watching her and her friends and asking questions she doesn’t want them to ask. He orders her to move back to Mystic Falls.

Breaking Up Isn’t Hard to Do

Looks like Tyler will be heading to New Orleans. It doesn’t really matter since his character is boring in any location. Maybe some time in The Big Easy leading a werewolf comeback will make him more interesting. Don’t fret, Caroline, you’ve got Stefan’s shoulder to cry on.

Tessa finds her trinket and locates the anchor. Silas enters and retrieves the info from her mind. Things go awry when Stefan awakes, takes down his brother and tells Tessa about all of the duplicity. We know she has trust issues, so she doesn’t take this news well. Even though Silas knows where the anchor is hidden, Tessa has other means of preventing him from getting his hands on it. She breaks his heart, literally. Damon’s Plan B enables his plan for Bonnie’s resurrection to move forward but uncovers a new mystery.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8pm on The CW.

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