Happy Halloween, Grey’s Anatomy fans! In what is becoming a disturbing pattern, I found myself underwhelmed yet again by my favorite medical drama. Having said that, “Thriller” was a bit of an improvement over the last few outings (granted, that’s not saying much) and the Halloween hijinks did manage to add some fun to the proceedings. What worked? What didn’t? Here we go.

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The Good

1. The Halloween theme: What’s not to like about zombies, astronaut princesses, butterflies, jack-o-lanterns and all-around spooky silliness? It’s lighthearted and fun and, frankly, any episode in which Ben and Bailey have a fight while giving out candy to the trick-or-treaters at their door is doing something right. Hilarious.

2. Meredith, Cristina and Alex: Need I say more? No matter what the tone of the scene they are playing, these three are terrific, and tonight’s party planning showcases both their enduring chemistry and their deft comic timing.

3. Derek and Ben bromance: I can’t quite put my finger on it, but these two put a smile on my face. Charming, funny and handsome? I hope we see more of them together.

4. Jackson and Stephanie: I never thought I’d say it, but these two are growing on me.

5. Richard and the second years: Somehow Richard Webber makes everything better. Even the second year residents, formerly know as the Interns 3.0! I know. I’m shocked, too. He has superpowers, that Richard. 

6. Cristina and Owen: It doesn’t come to anything, but for a few short scenes the magic that is Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd playing Cristina and Owen is on our screens again.

7. Callie: My only complaint? Not enough of her in this episode. Love her. And dare I say it? If Calzona and Crowen are toast, I wish the writers would explore Callie and Owen together. There. I said it. Let the outcry begin.

The Bad

1. Shane’s endless guilt over Heather’s death: Enough!

2. Richard and Bailey being out-of-sync: That’s just wrong…

3. Meredith and Cristina being out-of-sync: I’m not always a fan of the Twisted Sisters. In my opinion, their friendship hasn’t always been healthy. In fact, sometimes it’s been downright toxic. But this current storyline seems off to me somehow. We’re supposed to be seeing what happens when friends grow apart, but this whole turn of events seems forced to me.

4. Alex shutting down … again.: I love Alex Karev, but come on … really? I do love when Meredith tells Jo she couldn’t handle a broken Alex right now. And despite my general dislike of Jo, you’ve got to give the girl credit. She hasn’t run. Even when Alex acts like a jerk. Again.

5. Leah: Still don’t like her.

6. Leah and Arizona: Not feelin’ it. And still vaguely creepy. I don’t know why.

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The Ugly

1. Bailey is “disappointed” in Ben.: Because he chooses their marriage over his surgical program. What? I am curious to find out if there is more to this because I find Ben putting his family first to be kind of awesome.

2. Owen and Emma: After finding out a week late (that’s what happens when pivotal scenes don’t make the final cut) that Owen and Emma were no longer a thing (Owen’s words) and spending the whole episode watching that old Owen and Cristina magic, we learne that Owen can’t handle “complicated” and instead chooses “easy” and “simple” (again, his words, not mine). He picks up the phone to try again with Emma.

3. Cristina and Shane?: No. Just … no. We have Sandra Oh for 17 more episodes. And I feel like her final season is being squandered. Seriously.

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Janalen Samson

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