Many fans have wanted Glee to ditch McKinley entirely and focus solely on the storylines in New York — we now know that may very well happen. Also in today’s Roundup, why did Ryan Murphy tweet pictures of the cast as puppets? And cast member Alex Newell has signed a record deal.

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Is Glee Moving to New York Full-Time?

As we all know, Glee currently splits its time between the students and staff at McKinley and Kurt, Rachel and Santana in New York City. But will that be changing? TVLine is reporting that the producing trio of Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan are currently in discussions with FOX about the direction the show will head in for its remaining time on the air. If this idea comes to fruition, that means that not only will the entirely of season 6 be in New York, but they may make the transition to the Big Apple “as early as this season,” according to a source.

Ever since the death of actor Cory Monteith in July, the producers have had to rethink their plans for Glee. Murphy recently revealed that he’s had to change the ending of the series, since the final scene was going to feature Finn.

This doesn’t mean Glee would film entirely in New York, though. They would still maintain production in Los Angeles, as they currently do, but more “frequent on-location shoots would be likely.”

Then there’s the issue of dealing with which cast members to drop and which to keep. We already know Blaine plans on moving to New York after he graduates, so there’s one keeper. And Artie is another character that’s likely to stay on, since he plans on attending film school in New York. But as for the newbies like Marley, Jake, Kitty and the rest, they would probably be dropped since there’s no logical reason for them to move to the east coast since they won’t be graduating for a while.

But moving the focus entirely to New York isn’t the only idea being thrown around at the network. According to E! Online, another idea being talked about is having Kurt move out of the country. “We are mulling around the idea of moving Kurt to Russia,” a source said. This is obviously in response to Russia’s anti-gay stance and a law that makes “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations among minors” illegal. Glee has never been shy about incorporating current events like gay rights into their storylines, but this seems like a major stretch and sounds more like fan-fiction than an actual plot on the show.

A third option involves keeping McKinley High in the picture, but no other details are known at this point.

The Glee Cast as Puppets

Creator Ryan Murphy has posted online a couple very intriguing pictures from the set of Glee: they show the cast in puppet form. He tweeted, “Glee puppets! With many more to come! Who’s ur favorite so far?”

The first picture below, from left to right, shows Ryder, Mr. Schuester, Artie, Sam, Becky, Marley, Jake, Kitty, Unique and Tina.



Murphy hasn’t revealed the reason for the puppets, but some are speculating that it may be some sort of a tribute to the Broadway musical Avenue Q.

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Alex Newell Signs Record Deal

Various cast members have released their own solo albums over the years, including Matthew Morrison and Mark Salling. Lea Michele and Naya Rivera are currently working on their debut records, as is Darren Criss. And now Alex Newell can be added to that list — he’s signed a record deal with Atlantic Records, according to The Hollywood Reporter, under the Deep Well Records imprint headed up by Glee executive music producer Adam Anders.

“While working with Alex on Glee, I immediately realized how broad and unique his talent was and knew that he would be a great addition to the Deep Well/Atlantic Records family,” Anders said in a statement. Craig Kallman, CEO of Atlantic, added, “Alex is such an undeniable talent with one of the most unique and distinct voices I’ve heard in a long time.”

The Glee Project alum and current Glee star also showed his excitement over the announcement: “I am thrilled to join this new family and take another step in my career. Singing is my passion and to now have the opportunity to make my own music is a dream come true! I can’t thank my new Atlantic and Deep Well family enough for welcoming me with open arms.”

No release date has been set, as I’m sure they want to take their time and make the best album they can.

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