The remaining few episodes of The Walking Dead season 6 are such teasers until we meet the infamous Negan. And “The Same Boat” is no exception to that. We do get to see the softer side of Carol peek through for a bit until survivor mode kicks in. We also get to see Maggie’s survivor skills put to good use, until she realizes that it’s not just herself she has to worry about. And despite what Rick and company want to believe, they aren’t really that much closer to finding Negan.

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A Safe House

While Rick and company breaks into Negan’s compound to get to the armory, Maggie and Carol are outside the walls. When the alarm goes off, the pair starts to head in but hesitates when Carol stops Maggie. That hesitation gets them kidnapped. At first, a man, Donnie, approaches them. Carol shoots him in the arm but doesn’t kill him. As Maggie goes to finish him off, three other women surround them.

The red-headed Paula spies Daryl attacking their man Primo and calls over to them on her walkie. She lets Rick know that she has Maggie and Carol, but when Rick offers a trade, she says she’ll think about it.

This new group takes Maggie and Carol to what they call a safe house until other Saviors can come rescue them. They tie the women up and talk down to them. Carol tells them that Maggie is pregnant, which makes for more smack talk.

What are You So Afraid of, Carol?

Carol plays up her softer side, acting afraid and clutching rosary beads that a walker dropped. While the new group thinks Carol is a Bible thumper and weak, we all know it’s just an act. When she asks Paula and her friends who Negan is, they laugh and reply, “We are all Negan.”

Donnie gets angry that Paula didn’t kill the ladies to begin with and wants revenge. For some reason, even though this Paula chick talks a big game, she doesn’t kill Maggie and Carol. Donnie hits Paula and Maggie lunges at him. A fight ensues, and Carol gets kicked around too. Paula eventually knocks Donnie out.

One of the women takes Maggie into another room for interrogation, while Carol is left to be belittled by Paula, who wants to know what she’s so afraid of. Paula talks about her past life and how she was once weak too, but she did what she had to do to survive, including killing people. The story is almost laughable because we all know Carol knows exactly how Paula feels, but she won’t let on.

Breaking Out

Paula finally contacts Rick to meet up somewhere to make an exchange. However, she realizes that Rick is probably close by and waits for her backup to arrive. She leaves Carol alone, so of course Carol breaks out. She searches for Maggie. Together, they formulate a quick plan to escape. Maggie wants to kill everyone, while Carol wants to just run, even though she knows this new group must die.

First, they tie up walker Donnie and set a trap to kill Molly. They take Molly’s weapons and try to leave. They start to make their way through a walker trap when Paula opens fire on them. Once she’s out of ammo, Carol points a gun at her. Maggie wants Carol to kill Paula, but Carol tells Paula to run. Carol’s gun goes off, injuring Paula, when a walker breaks free. At this point, the other remaining member of the group attacks Maggie. She takes a swipe at Maggie’s stomach, and Carol immediately shoots her in the head.

Paula, who is still alive, takes the opportunity to ridicule Carol some more. When she asks Carol what she’s so afraid of, Carol simply replies, “Of this.” A fight ensues between the two ladies and ends with Paula stuck on a pipe getting eaten alive by a walker.

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Final Trap

The ladies realize they have one more job to do — get rid of the rest of the group coming to help Paula and her friends. Carol tells the rescuers to meet them on the kill floor. Once the men arrive, Carol and Maggie toss a lit cigarette into the room filled with gasoline and shut the door, leaving them to burn alive.

As the ladies head out, they run into Rick and company. Daryl comforts a shaken Carol, while Maggie tells Glenn she can’t fight anymore.

Rick asks the motorcycle guy Primo for information on Negan. Primo just smiles and says, “I am Negan.” And then Rick shoots him.

Let’s Do This

The anticipation is killing me, as I’m sure it is for most Walking Dead fans. I just want to meet Negan (and Lucille) already, but I know we have a little while before that happens. I worry that Rick actually might think that Primo was Negan. But he should know it’s never that easy in this new world. I do kind of like that concept that Negan is just a group, but I know better.

I really like to see the human side of Carol. Though I don’t like her going soft, it’s plain to see that Morgan’s way of handling the new world has her thinking. She’s not proud that she’s killed so many people, and it’s taking its toll. I’m also glad that Maggie has come to her senses. While it’s crazy that she’s bringing a new life into the world, she needs to realize that she’s not invincible. She needs to hang back and not go on these missions anymore, especially kill missions.

All in all, this was a great episode to sprinkle info about Negan and the Saviors while also showcasing Maggie and Carol in tough situations.

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