As the majority of major network shows rev up production for the upcoming fall season, a plethora of casting news has started to pour in. CW is adding to their ever expanding DC Universe with three new characters coming to Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Peter Gallagher is joining The Good Wife in a recurring role. A major character is set to return in the upcoming X-Files revival and the always awesome Clancy Brown is joining Chicago PD.

Parker Young, Casper Crump and Falk Hentschel Join the DC Universe

Arrow has found a new beau for Thea, now that her former boyfriend, Roy Harper, is playing dead. According to Entertainment Tonight, Parker Young is joining Arrow in a recurring role as Alex Davis, Thea’s new potential love interest. Alex is described as “smart” and “driven” and he will work for Oliver Queen while attracting the attention of his younger sister. This tidbit along with the news that the DC character of Mr. Terrific will be an employee of Queen Industries suggests that season four of Arrow will see a renewed interest in the business life of Oliver Queen. 

The Wrap also reports that True Blood star Rutina Wesley is in talks to join Arrow in a recurring role. Details on that role have not been released. 

On the Arrow (and The Flash) spin-off, Legends of Tomorrow, news front two more characters have been added to the already impressively large cast. Hawkman and Vandal Savage are coming. According to Deadline, Vandal Savage will be played by the perfectly named Casper Crump. Crump’s alliterative name not only sounds like comic book name but looks so similar to iconic villain Vandal Savage that he might actually be Savage in disguise. Pretty appropriate since Vandal Savage is an immortal known for masquerading as famous historical figures of destruction. 

TVLine reports that Falk Hentschel is also joining Legends of Tomorrow playing the much more heroic character of Hawkman. Since Legends of Tomorrow was announced it was known that Hawkgirl would have a starring role but now it is confirmed that she will be joined by her literal soulmate, Hawkman AKA Carter Hall. According the character description provided, Carter Hall is the latest incarnation of an ancient Egyptian prince cursed to be reborn throughout time.This firmly confirming the fact that Legends of Tomorrow is not afraid to shy away from the weirder and more awesome aspects of its comic roots. 

Veteran Actors Join The Good Wife and Chicago PD

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Peter Gallagher is coming to The Good Wife. Gallagher joins other famous TV character actors Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Margo Martindale, who were both previously announced to join The Good Wife earlier this year. Peter Gallagher will be playing Irving Carter, who is a “sophisticated attorney” that is representing recurring guest star Oliver Platt’s character, Reese Dipple.  

Like Peter Gallagher, Clancy Brown is another actor that you know from pretty much every movie and TV show ever. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Clancy Brown can now add Chicago PD to his never ending resume. Brown will be playing a prison inmate named Eddie Little who Voight met in prison and now uses for information. The role is a natural fit for Clancy Brown who has a long history of playing questionable characters. In fact, he just finished up a recurring stint on The Flash where he played the villainous General Eiling. 

Sheila Larken Returns to The X-Files

Last and certainly not least, there is more casting news that will be very exciting for long-time fans of The X-Files. TVLine reports, that on top of all the other returning cast that will be coming to The X-Files, Scully’s mother will be among them. Margaret Scully will be back as Sheila Larken is set to revive the role. Larken joins other returning cast members, Mitch Pileggi (Skinner), William B. Davis (cigarette-smoking man and of course Mulder and Scully themselves Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. 

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