Get ready for another super villain on Agents of SHIELD — and you might know who the character is if you’re familiar with the Marvel/Iron Man universe. And over at Glee, Marlee Matlin has signed on for a role that gives her quite a bit of power. Read on for all the details, including casting news for Trophy Wife, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Neighbors, NCIS: Los Angeles, Elementary, The Big Bang Theory, New Girl and The Crazy Ones.

A Blizzard is Coming to Agents of SHIELD: The January 14 episode, titled “Seeds,” will see Dylan Minnette guest starring as Donnie Gill — whose supervillain name is Blizzard. Not many details are known, but according to the comics in which this character originated from (via ScreenCrush), Justin Hammer, who is also a villain from the Marvel universe, gave him the Blizzard suit. The official episode description says, “Coulson and May uncover startling information about Skye’s past, while the team is swept into a storm at SHIELD Academy.” We can all assume said storm is caused by the supervillain himself.

Marlee Matlin is a Nationals judge on Glee: The FOX musical series has seen quite a few big-name guest stars as showchoir competition judges over the years, including Lindsay Lohan and Kathy Griffin. Now the Oscar winner can be added to that list. She tweeted, “Look where I’m working for the next few days,” and included a picture of her on set, along with one of her posing with Darren Criss, Chord Overstreet and Skylar Astin, who was just cast as a member of New Directions’ competition.

Cybill Shepherd is Kate’s mother on Trophy Wife: She’ll be playing Cricket, who’s character description says that she’s a “fun-loving, spontaneous wild child whose arrival quickly throws Kate’s family life into chaos,” in both episodes 17 and 18, according to E! Online.

Marc Evan Jackson playing Captain Holt’s husband on Brooklyn Nine-Nine: TVLine reports that he’ll show up in the early part of 2014. His name is Kevin, and he ends up inviting the precinct to his husband’s birthday party. Jokes will ensue when everyone finds out his last name is Cozner, which sounds awfully close to Kevin Costner.

Also, Fred Armisen is making a return appearance on Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Melipnos, and he’ll do so in the Super Bowl episode, according to Entertainment Weekly. And E! Online is reporting that Adam Sandler will also guest star in the same episode (as himself), though FOX has yet to make a confirmation.

Rhea Perlman is Debbie’s mother on The Neighbors: The Emmy-winning actress will guest star later in the season as Janet. Debbie and her family come to visit her in Boca, and she realizes that her mother seems to be sobered up, which is strange considering TVLine says she was an “unapologetically hard-drinking, pot-smoking groupie.” Oh, and get this, Janet now has a son whom she adopted. Won’t her daughter be shocked?

Dylan Bruno is on the run on NCIS: Los Angeles: The Numb3rs alum is playing an ex-Army intelligence officer named Robert Brown in a February episode (titled “War Cries”). It sounds like he’s going to be testifying over being a witness to war crimes, but TV Guide notes that there are those who don’t want him to bring any of it to light so he’s worried about what might happen to him.

Also guest starring on NCIS: Los Angeles is Danny Trejo, who has a past with Hetty, Callen and Sam. Showrunner Shane Brennan told TVLine, “It’s a big [February sweeps] episode that takes everyone down to Mexico, where there’s a lot of action as well as character stuff for Callen, Sam and Hetty.”

Paul Sorvino brings the mob to Elementary: The Goodfellas star will share screentime with another guest star, The Sopranos‘ Vincent Curatola, where the two of them will be playing “the heads of two warring families,” as noted by the character and episode descriptions. Executive producer Rob Doherty told TVLine that this episode will delve into “the state of the Mafia in New York City in 2013.”

Josh Peck is Stuart’s enemy on The Big Bang Theory: The star of Drake & Josh is stopping by to step into the role of a competing comic book store owner on January 9. Showrunner Steve Molaro told TVLine, “Josh will be playing the owner of the rival — and extremely successful — comic book store,” which is “incredible looking and filled with customers.”

Linda Cardellini cast as Jess’ sister on New Girl: This will be a recurring role for the former Freaks and Geeks star, whose character is named Abby. She’s supposedly a “wild-child,” and Jess has to help her out when she gets in trouble. Her first episode airs in February, according to TV Guide. (Also, E! Online is reporting that Prince will play himself during the Super Bowl episode, but the network isn’t confirming anything just yet.)

Cheryl Hines guest starring on The Crazy Ones: She’ll be reuniting with her RV co-star Robin Williams. Her character wants to plan a bar mitzvah for her son, but TVLine notes that she ends up revealing how self-centered she really is.

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