“If you love somebody, you tell them, even if you’re scared it will cause problems or burn your life to the ground. Say it loud and go from there.” — Mark Sloan

From the moment I heard Jackson Avery quote his late mentor, I knew April’s wedding to Matthew was doomed. Well, yes, technically she could still marry him. And maybe she even should marry him. He’s kind of perfect for her in many ways. After all, it was Matthew who told April that “I love you like this…” when her hair was in so many curlers that I’m surprised she was able to remain upright. It was also Matthew who wisely noted that he would see her many more times like that (translation: in the normal everyday moments that encompass a lifetime) than all dolled up for their wedding. Most importantly, Matthew is a kind, decent, honorable man who would likely make a wonderful husband to April. But the heart wants what it wants.

Jackson has finally decided that he wants April. The question is, does she also want him? More on that later. In the meantime, let’s examine both the revelations and looming questions explored in “Get Up, Stand Up,” the Fall Finale of Grey’s Anatomy Season Ten.


What a terrible thing it is to feel as if you are never enough. Leah is tormented by the notion that Arizona used her and then threw her away like something off the bottom of her shoe. Arizona exposed a lingering hurt in her marriage by confessing that while she is finally feeling okay again in her own skin, she deeply fears that she is not enough for Callie, who keeps trying to fix her.

And Alex goes round after round with his father, Jimmy. One minute he’s clearly trying to forgive him on some level. The next, the pain becomes too much again and he lashes out. On Jo’s advice, he finally walked away. But now his dad may have just perished in surgery. Which leads me to…


Moving past the fact that Alex is going to be absolutely gutted if his father dies, let’s talk about Shane. He is losing it. My husband predicted that he was hopped up on coke. That remains to be seen, but he’s downing Red Bull like a champ, falsifying his work records to gain more hours, and brazenly pushing too hard with mentor/lover Dr. Yang. So much so, that Cristina calls things off between them. Taking advantage of the fact that so many doctors are attending April’s wedding, Shane assumes the lead in Jimmy’s surgery when things go horribly wrong. By the end, Richard is having to talk him down from the ledge as Dr. Ross is haunted by his role in Heather’s death. In one of the episode’s cliffhangers, Shane is in an elevator alone as the doors close. Will he do something rash?


Meredith and Cristina are still at each others’ throats. For every step forward there are two back. Cristina admits to Meredith that she’s not entirely sure how Baby Nathan’s life was saved by her groundbreaking procedure. Then it’s revealed that the procedure has put her in contention for the prestigious Harper Avery Award. Meredith goes ballistic, basically accusing Cristina of being a fraud. She also can’t resist a snarky remark about Cristina and Shane.

Later, though, Meredith admits to being envious of Cristina’s achievements while Cristina admits that her professional success has come with personal cost. She is alone (translation: without Owen, whom she admits shaped who she is and with whom she later shares a significant look at the wedding) but she always thought she’d have Meredith. She also acknowledges what a fine mother Meredith has become. Has there finally been a thaw in this endless fight?


When Ben wonders if Miranda is giving up surgery (she seems more and more interested in research) Miranda admits to Ben that she can’t understand why he gave up his surgical residency. He responds, again, that he wanted to prioritize his family. She then retorts that her OCD symptoms worsened when he returned home. Ouch.

Derek has been focused on two things: his research project with Callie, and being Dad to Zola and Bailey so that Meredith can focus more on her career. When he’s asked to consult on a brain mapping project, he turns it down. Then he gets a phone call. From the President of the United States. Hmmm…think he might be rearranging his plans? That would be a ‘yes’.

A Total Eclipse of the Heart

Finally, back to Jackson and April and Matthew and Stephanie. Jackson and Stephanie spent the day working with a patient and his wife. They clearly adored each other. But (in another move telegraphed a mile away) the worst happened. The patient had a massive stroke and is likely lost to his wife forever. Jackson recalled Mark’s words. When you love someone, tell them. Don’t waste time. Don’t worry that you will wreck their life. Or your life. Tell them. Stephanie nearly told Jackson that she loves him. And Jackson? Well, Jackson realized that he had to tell April the truth. He loves her. He wants a life with her. Japril fans, rejoice!

The question is, does April want him back? Because I wasn’t kidding when I said that in some ways Matthew might be a better fit for her. And I think she does love Matthew. ┬áBut is she in love with him? And as much as April keeps telling herself that Jackson is just her best friend, there’s history there. Tangled, messy, complicated history. So much so that you’ve got to wonder if she’s in love with Jackson after all. One could make a case for either man, I think. So what will April do? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Grey’s Anatomy returns February 27, 2014 on ABC.

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