After celebrating the yuletide with a frightening Christmas episode, NBC’s Grimm will soon be taking a quick break for the holidays. BuddyTV was on the line when star David Giuntoli talked to the press about what’s coming for Nick and the gang when the show returns for the rest of Season 3 in 2014. 

The Useful Side-Effects from Becoming a Zombie

Nick started Season 3 as a zombified version of himself. While some might the recovery from that sort of illness challenging, Nick seems to have come out with some interesting side-effects. Will we see more of those effects as the year progresses?

David Giuntoli: Oh, yes. Yes. We’re going to be playing on this one for a little while. It’s funny, every time Nick gets harmed, he’s left with this kind of useful side-effect and we’re going to definitely be seeing more of that after the break.

Now that Nick has seen a darker side of himself and also discovered the side-effects that come with it, we could see that darker side more often. Could he become more like a Wesen?

David Giuntoli: I think the longer Nick does this job the more he is going to become that. I sense that. I sense that it happens, and I’ll become more and more to the world of Wesen. And [he’s] not afraid of people anymore, so that’s a good sign for my character, getting dark.

So far, Nick has shown signs of having super-hearing and also being able to “die” without it affecting him. Will Nick learn to control these things?

David Giuntoli: At this point he does not control it at all. So he certainly can use his hearing to his advantage, but this dead thing I don’t think he knows where it comes from yet. It is certainly not something that he can kind of pull out of his bag of tricks at his own whim. So you know, he just – it either helps him or it hurts him at this point.

Three Contenders for the Next Big Villain: Who Will Win?

With the Royals up to their thing in Europe and Adalind putting into place her plan to sell her baby, there are a lot of choices for villain this year. Giuntoli said there’s at least one more big bad to look out for as the season progresses and warns that fans shouldn’t discount Renard in that race either. 

David Giuntoli: I would say coming towards the end of the mid-season – we still have probably two or three contenders for the villain. One definitely – we have kind of a new character that emerges who is one of the I’d say two villains, but we have a new character who is one of the greater villains that we’re going to have on the show. But, I still place the Captain as a possible villain, and definitely Adalind as a villain, and then there’s one more guy. 

Nick and Juliette’s Not-So-Happily Ever After

Nick and Juliette made it through all of the terrible challenges they faced last year and this season has found them in a much better place, but don’t expect them to get too settled yet. 

David Giuntoli: Oh, there’s no way [Nick and Juliette are] going to live happily ever after. I mean, I don’t know what’s going to happen, but if there is a relationship – it is the job of the writers of America to tear it apart, at least temporarily you know. So I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I can guarantee you there’s going to be something thrown into the works here.

The Dangers of Hiding a Grimm

Nick has managed to get himself a pretty good-sized group of people willing to help his cause. So far, those who have found out his true identity have survived that knowledge, but that could change this season. 

David Giuntoli: I think the show is better for having several more people know about Nick being a Grimm. There are still some people in the dark that I don’t want it to be revealed to just yet. The show can never become a big happy family. There are responsibilities and dangers that come with knowing about this world, and those who have found out who are not either Wesen or Grimm, there are dangers that come with that, and that’s going to be explored in this season.

Trips to Europe Lead to More Trouble for Nick

Some of the action on Grimm takes place overseas and it looks like those trips to Europe will become more troublesome as Season 3 continues. 

David Giuntoli: You know, there’s going to be a big plot line that’s going on in Europe. Nick is not too involved with it, at least through mid-season, though I know that’s going to start changing soon. We have the Verrat and we have the Royals. These are all bad guys. The Verrat I see as kind of the SS, and the Royals – such as Captain Renard, and his cousin, who’s being introduced as Alexis Denisof, a great actor – will be having a major conflict overseas. His cousin wants to get me and access to me. And, he comes very close very soon.

And then we have the resistance – A kind of group of rag-tag people trying to overthrow the Royals, so we’ll be meeting some new characters overseas doing that kind of thing. Keeping an eye on Adalind. We’ll be doing quite a bit abroad. The passports have all been stamped, so we’re overseas quite a bit.

Nick and Monroe Question Their Loyalty and Friendship  

In the most recent episodes, Monroe and Nick have sometimes differed on the best way to deal with situations regarding Wesen. The two friends will continue to question their friendship in the later part of the season. 

David Giuntoli: You’ll see some wavering [of loyalty], I’ll say that. But things are starting to get questioned, you know. Is Nick using Monroe? I just shot an episode where that’s like the central theme, and there’s a big falling-out between Monroe and I. And it’s great because in the episode that’s what I ask. I’m sitting with Juliet. I’m like, “I don’t know. He’s right. I think he’s right.” You know, so I think it’s kind of cool that this stuff’s coming to the surface in Season 3.

What do you think now that you’ve learned more about what’s coming in the rest of Grimm Season 3? Which storyline are you excited to see when the show returns?

Grimm airs on Friday nights at 8pm on NBC. 

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