The Vampire Diaries has never been short on romance and love triangles and season 5 has proven just that. While the Damon-Elena-Stefan drama will always be front and center, it’s good to know that there are other budding relationships and potential affairs on this show. With all the comings and going, not to mention deaths, fans are still left with 10 pairings to choose from and root for.

The Couples

Elena and Stefan: If there’s one word to describe Stefan and Elena’s relationship, it would be epic. It’s hard not to root for this couple whose relationship blossomed from friends to lovers, especially when they are dubbed as soul mates who are destined to be together. Whether they’re together as a couple or not, you can sense that they truly feel and deeply care for each other. 

Elena and Damon: They may have the most complicated relationship on The Vampire Diaries but Damon and Elena also have the most passionate one. Their chemistry speaks volumes despite the many reasons they shouldn’t be together, including Damon’s brother, Stefan.

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Elena and Aaron: Aside from seeing herself in Aaron, Elena seems to be growing fond of the newcomer  and it doesn’t help that her relationship with Damon is on thin ice. Though nothing romantic has happened thus far, it wouldn’t be a shock if they soon find comfort in each other’s arms.

Caroline and Stefan: This pair has been playing a subtle will-they-won’t-they dance ever since they became close and bonded over Stefan’s heartbreak. While Caroline considers Stefan as her best friend and Stefan sees Caroline as his new Lexi, love could definitely be in the cards for these two in the future.

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Stefan and Katherine: At the worst time of their lives, Stefan and Katherine became each other’s rock despite their strained and complicated history. Their recent one night stand left Katherine inspired to live with hope and at the same time devastated by the realization that Stefan would never look at her the same way he saw Elena. 

Damon and Katherine: While this pairing is not likely to happen soon especially with Elena around, it’s hard to dismiss that Katherine was Damon’s first love. And despite their love-hate relationship, their banter is always fun to watch.

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Jeremy and Bonnie: It’s hard not to root for a couple who have both “died” and come back to life, and have chosen to be with each other against all odds. Jeremy and Bonnie may not be involved in love triangles like most TVD characters but they still have a lot to deal with especially in the supernatural world.

Caroline and Matt: This ship has definitely sailed. But now that Klaus, Tyler and Jesse are gone,  there may be hope for single Caroline and her ex-boyfriend  Matt. Though nothing suggests that their storyline will go to that direction, it’s certainly not impossible in the world of The Vampire Diaries.

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Matt and Nadia: Though Nadia initially used  Matt as an instrument in her plan, she gradually developed feelings for him.  Matt, on the other hand, has pretty much despised Nadia since then. But it seems that a reconciliation is on the way as they bond over their negligent and absentee mothers.

Matt and Katherine: It seems unlikely that Katherine would ever go for the guy who has already hooked up with his daughter Nadia but weirder and crazier things have happened on TVD. After all, Matt previously dated her doppelganger Elena while Katherine has admitted that she thinks Matt is hot, often complimenting his blue eyes.

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