This episode of iZombie, titled “Brainless in Seattle, Part 1,” is filled with shocking news, romance and murder. Liv falls in love, Ravi and Peyton go to a club, and Blaine does a favor for Chase Graves. Keep reading to find out all the details!

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Annie, Are You Okay?

This episode’s victim is Annie, a runaway hopeless romantic from Kansas. Her big romantic gesture proved deadly when she hired a coyote to smuggle her into New Seattle and she ended up with a bullet in the chest. While inspecting the crime scene, Clive lets Liv know that her zombie skills are going to be especially helpful in solving the case. There’s just one problem: most of the victim’s brain is missing.

After popping a few brain bonbons, Liv and Clive conduct an interview with Annie’s online boyfriend, Alan. Much to Clive’s dismay, Liv spends the entire interrogation swooning over the handsome suspect. Before he leaves, she invites him to go to The Scratching Post for a zombie/human mixer. He brushes her off and storms out in grief.

Lawsuits and Low Supplies

Major tracks down Chase Graves to clue him in on the accidental scratching that happened on his last patrol with Jordan. A lawsuit has been filed by the boy’s parents, and Fillmore Graves is listed as the defendant. Chase instructs Major to keep the video evidence from being leaked. Chase leaves Major in a rush to get to a more important meeting.

A new organization called the Darwin Project is offering zombies an insurmountable amount of money to sneak out of Seattle and loan their bodies to research. This is a problem made even more disturbing by the fact that the rest of the country is not donating as many brains as originally expected. If there is no change in the brain shortage, the zombie population of New Seattle is expected to experience mass starvation after only 46 months.

How to Make a Deal

To try to change the outcome, Chase resorts to meeting with Blaine. The two make a deal that if Blaine can put an end to Renegade, the coyote that has been saving people by scratching them, then Blaine can run his businesses without Chase’s involvement. Shortly after, Don E. is sampling brains to serve at Romero’s.  After Don E. purchases a selection that includes the brain matter of our victim of the week, Annie, Blaine comes down and tells the seller that he’d like to get in touch with the coyote called Renegade. The man assures Blaine that it is a very difficult task, and Blaine offers a monetary reward as an incentive.

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Sending Out an SOS

Meanwhile, Peyton sent out an SOS to Ravi. Liv has convinced Peyton to be her wing-woman at the Scratching Post. Since Liv is on rom-com brain, Peyton is having a difficult time dealing with her and is practically begging for Ravi’s help. He tries his best to refuse but somehow ends up in a makeover montage.

The three of them head to the club, and Liv impatiently waits for Alan to show up. When he doesn’t, Liv goes to the bar to drown her disappointment in alcohol. She looks across the room and spots something quite jaw-dropping: Dale Bozzio making out with someone who is definitely not Clive Babineaux. Before she can react, her lovey-dovey brain kicks in and she falls in love at first sight yet again. She shares a distracting kiss with a stranger named Tim and forgets all about the gossip until the next day. Liv feels obligated to tell Clive about what she saw but struggles to do so.

To Be or Not to Be … Continued

Later, Liv gets an unexpected visit from Renegade herself. She shows Renegade the sketch of Annie’s coyote and gets an unpleasant answer. Annie’s coyote, Bruce, runs with a bad crew. They are known for “helping” desperate people get over the wall, only to wipe out their bank accounts, kill them or sometimes hold them for ransom. The group runs mainly on the deep dark web and is nearly impossible to find.

Liv has another vision of Bruce and Annie in a fight somewhere near an incinerator. Following what little evidence they have, they trace the crime scene back to an old factory and find multiple skulls inside the incinerator. This means that they are dealing with a serial killer and that, since Annie was found shot in the chest and not in the furnace, she was the victim that almost got away. We are left with many questions as the screen flashes “To Be Continued…”.

Is Bruce really the one who shot Annie? Will Liv tell Clive about Dale’s extracurricular activities? And how long will it be until Major and Liv work things out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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