Last week, viewers learned what Michael has been up to for the past nine months, though his friends and family were still in the dark, leading Maddy to blow Michael’s cover. In tonight’s 100th episode — the second of season 7, titled “Forget Me Not” — Michael returns to Miami but is strictly forbidden to contact his loved ones. Care to make a wager on how quickly Michael will break that rule? Read on to find out what the Burn Notice writers have in store for us this week.

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Dexter Grabs Fi

Michael’s friends learn the identity of the mystery man trying to blow Michael’s cover — Dexter Gamble, the man who approached them one by one until Maddy told him that Michael was working with the CIA. Michael’s friends plus Fi’s new boyfriend go after Dexter, but walk into a trap from which Michael has to save them. Michael manages to remain unseen — a condition Strong insists on if Michael wants to work the mission — and the group tracks Dexter to another location.

At said location, the group splits up, giving Dexter a chance to ambush and kidnap Fi. Dexter has a target on his back and his only play is to trade Fi and his silence about Michael working with the CIA to get the best deal he can. Fi tells Dexter that she cannot get in touch with Michael but Dexter does not belive her and gives her friends a call to see if they will be more cooperative.

Sam bluffs that he can get Dexter on the phone with Michael but only in person and Dexter tells Sam where to show up. Michael listens to their conversation — the CIA has been spying on all of Michael’s friends during the course of their investigation into Dexter — and realizes that Sam’s plan will not work, nor will Strong’s plan for a hard entry. Despite Strong’s protests, Michael reveals himself to his friends to keep them from staging a rescue mission that could get Fi killed. Michael then comes up with a plan to save Fi and kill Dexter without endangering his friends or Strong’s team.

A Coded Message

With Fi’s life on the line, Michael only has one shot at saving her and finishing his mission to bring down Dexter. Back in the early days of their relationship, Fi told Michael a story about her father and a code he created in order to warn her of impending danger. Michael arrives at Dexter’s location and agrees to all of Dexter’s terms, but not before he talks to Fi. Using her father’s code, Michael warns Fi to get out of the way so Strong’s team can fire on Dexter from a concealed location. Michael’s plan is successful, resulting in Dexter’s death and Fi’s survival.

Though Strong spends most of the episode trying and failing to keep Michael in line, the success of bringing Dexter down puts Michael back in Strong’s good graces, at least for now. And with Dexter dead, Michael’s cover is seemingly still in-tact so he can return to the Dominican Republic and his mission to bring down Burke. But was Dexter the only person who uncovered Michael’s secret? And even if he was, how long can Michael maintain his cover now that he showed his face in Miami?

Michael and Fi

In tonight’s episode, fans of the Michael/Fiona pairing get a lovely glimpse into their first meeting via flashbacks. As is only fitting for these two, Michael and Fi met in a bar and the attraction was instant. Fi fell in love with Michael without knowing his real name, yet their past connection allows Michael to save her in the present.

But Michael/Fiona shippers will not be happy with the ending of tonight’s episode, in which Michael and Fi reunite only for her to give him a kiss that tell him their relationship is over. After everything Michael and Fi have survived, is it possible that their love for one another just isn’t enough anymore?

As far as I can tell, Carlos is everything Fi could want in a partner — he’s attractive, kind, willing to get his hands dirty and able to keep up with her in the field. And unlike Michael, Carlos is not tied up with the CIA and could seemingly provide Fi with a stable but interesting life. Yet tonight’s episode shows that the connection between Michael and Fi goes deeper than either of them realized. So I would not be so quick to give up on a Michael/Fiona end-game. Their love story is central to the series and I cannot imagine the show coming to a close without a Michael/Fiona reunion.

Maddy and Sam

At the beginning of tonight’s episode, Michael surprises Maddy with his return, but only to stop her from asking too many questions about his work with CIA. Their reunion is short and far from sweet but at least Maddy knows Michael is still alive. Michael’s reunion with Sam is even more tense, especially once Sam learns that Michael and the CIA have been keeping tabs on him. But Sam has been in the game long enough to let little things like his best friend bugging him slide and he and Jesse even offer to lend Michael their support in the field, should he need it.

Michael’s isolation from his friends and family has clearly taken a toll on him, to the point where it is unclear if he can do his best work without the people he has come to rely on. As a spy, it is easier to operate alone and we are told that Michael excelled at this once upon a time but after spending so many years working with a team he trusts, can Michael succeed on his own?

What did you think of tonight’s 100th episode of Burn Notice? Did it live up to the quality of the 99 episodes that came before? Are you rooting for Michael and Fi to get back together? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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